Money Given to Vijay Mallya Was a Gift by Indian Banks, So Can’t Bring It Back: Modi Sarkar.

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After Kohinoor, now it was the tun of money that Vijay Mallya owed to Indian banks, Modi Sarkar has made it clear that money given to Vijay Mallya by Indian banks was gifted, so can’t be taken back.

Just two days before, center Govt. has shown their inability to bring the Kohinoor diamond back because the Govt think that it was gifted to Britishers and was not stolen.

It is not the first time that Modi Govt. has made a U turn. As a matter of fact, Modi sarkar is now more commonly known as the U Turn sarkar instead of Modi sarkar as they have made a U turn on all of their pre-election promises.

Reportedly, on hearing this from none other than Modi,  Vijay Mallya became so happy that he got a mild heart attack. Now, since Govt. has confessed that money given to Mallya was a gift, Vijay Mallya has booked his return ticket to India.

मोदी का यह ब्यान सुन कर विजय मालया कुछ इस अंदाज़ में नज़र आए.

Vijay Mallya is now planning to join the stupid Bhakt brigade back in India and was seen shouting “Modi Modi Modi” in his lavish multi-story apartment in London.

Our reporter tried to cross question Modi on this and asked how he thinks, he is going to get such a huge amount of money which was given to Vijay Mallya. To this Modi answered, ” मित्रों, देखिए हमने भारत के लोगो को चू**या बना के उनको अपनी LPG और कई सब्सिडी वापिस करने के लिए मज़बूर कर दिया. अब जो उससे इतना पैसा सरकार को मिला है, उसमे से हम अपना हिस्सा ले भी ले तो भी काफ़ी बच जाता है. अब वो पैसा विजय मालया जी, अंबानी जी और अदानी जी का ही तो है. अब वह पैसा हमारे इन होनहार उद्योगपतियों के काम ना आया तो हमारा सत्ता में आने का क्या फ़ायदा.”

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