(Shocking) Sex and Money – a Common Controversy for these 15 Indian Controversial Babas

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Earlier, Sant Rampal, Swami Nithyanand, Bapu Asaram and now, Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Radhe Maa who have hit the news headlines for all the wrong reasons. One thing which can be concluded as a common among all these babas is that all of them have huge money and assets and second, all of them have faced some kind of sexual assault, rape charges etc. at least a couple of times in their life time. Sex & Money are two factors which unites all these Guru’s together.


Dera Sacha Sauda head, Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim has something which is exclusive to him only. That is, that he is called as Rockstar Baba owing to having acted in many music videos, sung songs and posed in various non-baba-type modern outfits which are mostly wore by Bollywood Heroes and other celeb.


Although, Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s controversial film, The Messenger of God has been rejected by censor board for release, but this controversy has already only helped him gaining more popularity for himself and for the movie before its release.

Aamir Khan’s movie PK has dealt with this subject of fake babas and their acts very nicely. PK has been a great religious satire film to expose how these Babas and their “karam-kands” have been fooling people. However, with such a huge population, India always have few lac of fools whom these Babas are able to lure successfully and trap them. Most shocking is the fact that even educated people tend to follow them blindly.

There is no end to the superstition belief the Indian follow. Every other day some new baba or God men is seen on the news promoting him as a man of god (God Salesman to be precise). There are numerous spiritual Gurus in India who have become tremendously famous. So much so that they have been in the limelight and made it to the headlines with the controversy they have created. Lets take a look at the controversy of the gurus in recent times.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim:

Gurmeet Ram Rahim controversial stories

Not sticking to the country, some leaders have made it to Guinness World Records as well. Leader of the Dera Sacha Sauda, Gurmeet Ram Rahum organization has earned a big name. Their organization head was also in the news for announcing that nearly 1,500 followers of the sect. was ready to marry the Uttarakhand women who lost their husbands in the flood and landslides. Their Dera Sacha Sauda chief also set a controversy when he appeared in the similar dress like worn by the 10th Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh and distributed amrit to his followers in his Dera in Sirsa.

Sant Rampal Baba:Sant Rampal Baba Controversies

As famous among the followers, Sant Rampal opened his first Satlok Ashram in 1999 thereafter which he had number of followers. Hence, he began opening ashrams all over Haryana.

This 63 years old engineer guy turned Baba has possessed a lot than many of the big shots of India. He owns a fleet of luxury cars, lives in an ashram in Barwala, Haryana spread across 12 acres. Such a famous one was into legal issues in 2006 when he clashed along with supporters of Arya Samaj founder Swami Dayanand Saraswati that also resulted in death of one person. This is what the Indian Babas do in terms of Good Deeds.

Quite recently, he has been issues arrest orders by Indian court. However, he kept hiding behind thousands of followers including women and kids. Ultimately, he was arrested by using various forces and a brigade of policemen. His Ashram in Rohtak was raided and it revealed shocking facts and stuff from there. Many women were found trapped in the Aashram, ladies toilets has cameras and many used and unused condoms and other porn material & videos were found which showed what all was going inside his ashram.

Asaram Bapu:Asaram Bapu Controversial Acts

One of the most popular Baba of India, born in Sind, Asaram Bapu has been a lot in the limelight due to his so-called ‘good or great’ deeds in the name of GOD. Own overs 425 ashrams and more than 50 gurukuls all over, Asaram Bapu has a huge fan following in India and abroad. Attached with him, the controversies are enormous.

To name one is Bapu was accused of sexually abusing 16 years old girl in his Jodhpur Ashram. Police had also served a summons to his officials in his Ahmedabad ashram. Even though all of this, Asaram, the godmen claims to be innocent and regards her minor as his ‘daughter’.

Swami Nithyananda:Famous Swami Nithyananda

Swami Nithyananda has earned big name as one of the most spiritually influential living person in the world named by Mind Body Spirit Magazine. Popularly known for spiritual discourses and meditation programmes, Swami Nithyananda is the author of more than 300 books published in 27 languages. The God Possess is also one of the most watched teachers on YouTube.

Nithyananda landed in controversies after a video was aired with an actress in compromising position by local TV channels. Swami says the video was morphed to misinterpret his personal life but did not deny his images with actress Ranjita in the film, which clearly means he was the curlprit.

Baba Ramdev:Baba Ramdev Controversial Stories

Known as Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev has been one of the most popular Babas of all in the country. Being very vocal in political issues of the country, Ramdev has always had a strong personality appearance among the big shots of the country. To add to it, comes the controversies part.

To highlight, Tehelka Magazine had reported financial irregularities and tax evasion by his Trust. The irregularities were in the form of sales tax evasion, forceful acquiring of land from farmers and stealing electricity for their own commercial use. He has also been accused of too much interference in political scenario with an aim of getting a big position or seat as a minister.

Swami Agnivesh:Swami Agnivesh Acts

A former member of legislative assembly from Haryana, Swami Agnivesh is a social activist and an arya samaj scholar. Including corruption, to create awareness on other social issues, he even spent three days in Bigg Boss house as a guest. He even joined Anna Hazare Team in the anti-corruption protest in August 2011.

His unexceptional statement of he supporting the entry of non-Hindus into the famous Jagannath Temple of Puri raised the issue and dragged him into the controversial world.

Rajneesh/OSHO:Rajneesh Controversies

Rajneesh or popularly known as Osho, is one of the most controversial spiritual leaders of the country. With his open attitude towards sexuality, he was given the nickname of Sex guru.

He possessed 96 brand new Rolls- Royce and out of blue suddenly demanded to get him another 30 new Rolls-Royce. Too much, right?

Increased criticism of his activities at the Pune ashram in 1981 led him to move to United States. His Oregon commune collapsed as they committed serious crimes and hence, he was charged with immigration violations and was deported as well.

Chandraswami:Chandraswami wrong doings

Association with the former PM PV Narasimha Rao brought the emergence of Chandraswami into the fame. Interestingly and in an uncommon way, the godman had his fluctuating finance due to his political accidents.

He was accused of many financial irregularities and was also ordered for a penalty of Rs.9 crore approx. by the Supreme Court. He was even arrested on charges of defrauding a London Based Businessman for $100,000 in 1996.

Jayendra Saraswati:Jayendra Saraswati controversial acts

Jayendra Saraswati, a 69th Shankaracharya of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, was one of the godmen to show his concerns towards the Jayalalithaa government in Tamil Nadu wherein a law was enacted to ban religious conversions and ban on animal sacrifice in temples as well.

Controversy attracted him when he left his mutt in 1987 and was not found for few weeks. He and his juniors were found prime accused in the murder of Sankararaman, the manager of the Varadarajaperumal temple at Kanchipuram in 2004. Under IPC sections, they were charged for criminal conspiracy and murder as well.

Satya Sai Baba:Famous Satya Sai Baba

Without this name, this list is incomplete. Who hasn’t heard about Satya Sai Baba? Famous like a Bollywood Celeb, seems he is the most famous guru across 126 countries. Regarded as Bhagwan, Satya Sai Baba ruled the hearts of many but died in 2011.

He was often charged for different controversies nationally and internationally. Allegations also included that Baba was indulged in sexual abuse and pedophilia. The list goes on.

Nirmal Baba:Nirmal Baba controversies

After lot of business start up and flopping in all of them, emergence of Nirmal Baba came as he attained Nirvana and became a Baba. Nirmal Darbar, his trust where Baba faced many legal complications due to his fraudulent activities for charging excessive amount of money on the name of solving problems with his claimed powers for his devotees.

He can be often seen on many TV channels giving tips in exchange of money on how to get a “Kripa” from god in an easy way. His philosophy is “Kripa” can be easily get by eating something or something stupid or weird.

Raadhe Maa or Radhe Maalhot-sexy-radhe-maal-photos

The famous women in the name of Gurus and spirituality, was known for changing the profession of them like no one. Radhe Maa;s glittery attire, decked up with jewelry, luring the crowd was some of the unusual act of Godwomen.

Recently, the media revealed the controversy that Radhe Maa possessed no power and all her acts were to fool people and gain popularity. Radhe Maa has been criticized by media and people for portraying the hot and sexy image and indulging in vulgar and obscene acts with her followers.

Quite recently, she got all the publicity when a dowry case was filed against her. Social media is abuzz with talks like calling her Radhe Maal instead of Radhe Maa owing to her hot and sexy photos that got circulated all over the web.

Ichchadhari Sant:Ichchadhari Sant

Unusual like ever, Ichchadhari Sant was a security guard at a five star hotel in the year 1988. He was even working in a massage parlor in New Delhi.

Indulged in controversial acts, he was arrested in 1997 for running a prostitution racket. Thereafter, he changed his avatar and became a Baba.

Swami Sadachari: Swami Sadachari Baba

Another controversial god men of India, spiritual advisor and tantric for many of the top notch politicians of the country including former PM, Indira Gandhi. Being extra famous in name and fame, he was famous in his acts too. Currently, he is behind the bars for running a brothel.

Swami Premananda:Swami Premananda controversies

Resemblance to Satya Sai Baba, Swami Premananda grew his popularity in Tiruchy. owning an ashram spread across 150 acres with branches in 15 counties having an international youth wing, he created vibhuti but specialised in producing lingams from his own abdomen.

Being attracted to the news headlines, he was accused of raping 13 women for which medical tests were confirmed. He was even accused of killing a man named Ravi from Sri Lanka who was residing in his ashram. These are few of his bad acts to name.


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