25 Most Funny Memes trolling Cricket

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Pictures speak louder than words. After India won such an amazing cricket match against Pakistan, the funny troll/memes are sure to make your day in the most amazing manner. Have a look and share a laugh together.

When Sachin Scores a Century

Funny Cricket Troll

Share a laugh for Sachin vs Kohli making century! ROFL.

IND VS PAK Match side effect:

IndvsPak side effect of match

Isn’t it True?

Pain of an Extra Player

Funny cricket Memes

Sahi toh keh raha hai yeh boss!

Pretentious Player during Cricket:

Indian Cricket Time

Pretentious posing can be funny too!

Difference between Cricket players:

Funny Cricket Troll

What a funny meme!


Toofani Cricket memes

Toofani is truly Toofani on the ground!

Aamir’s Entry with cricket players:

Aamir Entry with players

MS Dhobi/ MS Dhoni:

Funny Cricket Memes

Did you stop laughing or still on?

Why Ravindra Jadeja Wears Sunglasses:

Funny Cricket Memes

Catches and me? Noway:

Funny catch troll

Don’t underestimate me!

Sachin Tendulkar. Who is he?

Funny Meme on Cricket

Biting People for such stupid reason is Genuine. Isn’t It?

Sir Jadeja side effect:

Sir Jadeja side effect

Don’t get scared of Jadega! Don’t Worry and play on!

When Ishant was Born:

Ishant Funny Troll

Ishant ka funny hair look with funny troll!

Love Birds: Anushka and Kohli:

Love Birds: Anushka and Kohli

Let Virat Score Runs so please allow Anushka on the grounds.

Shout on UMPIRE:

Funny Cricket Troll

Give out and ill do the fielding well! Did you get UMPIRE?

Cricket Love Story than Twilight:

Funny Cricket Troll

Twilight? Forget it. Watch US!

Balle Balle on Cricket Ground:

Funny troll on Cricket

Lets do Balle Balle and Shava Shava!

Sunday Morning Reactions:

Funny troll on cricket

Sunday match but my reaction for yummy biryani!yumm!

Match is important than anything else

Cricket Match imp than any MBA Class

MBA Class? Wait! Let me first watch the match.

Izzat ka phaluda cricket ground pe:

Funny cricket troll

Izzat ka Phaluda khane ka man tha toh ho gaya :p

Argue to win the match:

Hilarious cricket troll

Sometimes Argue results good! Win the match!

Difference between Kevin and Cindrella:

Hilarious Cricket Troll

Leave the ball well. You don’t know how? Ask princess Cindrella!

Art of Living/ Art of Leaving:

Funny Cricket Meme

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sri Sri Ravindra Jadeja is Jai Ho!

During S** and Cricket: Same Feelings

Cricket Memes

High Respect on showing same feelings during s** and cricket!What timings!

LOL moment of cricket:

Hilarious meme on cricket

What lucky one who doesnt get married and still celebrates his first night. *Winks*.


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