Here Is Why The Movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” Is A Threat To The Nation. It is Not About Indo-Pak.

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It has been a controversy for a last few weeks about banning the Karan Johar’s next movie AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL. With the release of the movie still under the clouds of doubts this article tells you about how this movie release can be a threat to nation & also the controversies following it.


A few weeks earlier our Indian army conducted a surgical strike in POK destroying 7 of the terrorist’s camps & since then there has been an outrage among people to ban Pakistani actors & so AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL which features Pakistani actor Fawad Khan has been a subject of debate.

But this is not the actual reason why the movie is a threat to the nation as the movie trailer shows what look like the story of ONE SIDED LOVERS. This is a much bigger problem than anything else because if the movie releases this will give a chance for one sided lovers to again claim their love & also irritating others by putting up annoying status on social media about how true there love is along with lyrics of the songs. The actual fight is not between India & Pakistan but its between Committed & Singles.

With the movie been already banned in 4 states i.e. Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka & Gujarat hence the issue got into lime light. We are seeing constant war on social media & celebrities also picking sides on the issue. Things started when the god of one sided lovers, Salman Khan, supported the release of the movie since the movie also features his ex girlfriend Aishwarya Rai. Through the release Bhai wanted to show his one sided love again.

Salman & Aishwarya Parted Ways
Aishwarya Refused Any Contact With Salman

With the Single’s struggling to comeback in the race, it was time for the man who has been making movies for singles throughout his life Anurag Kashyap.  He added that it’s unfair to single society if the movie is not released.

Anurag has also worked with Karan Johar in the past on the movie “Bombay Velvet”. The man behind the whole scenario who is pledged to be single till death Karan Johar broke his silence, he uploaded a video on social media stating how he felt about the whole issue. He also stated that there are 300 single men who has been a part of the movie & that it would be a huge set back to the singles society he also said that he has been expressing the love of single’s community through his movies.


At the end I on the behalf of the team what to conclude by saying that this is a very serious issue & it should be dealt with precautions because if singles are not treated properly they will end up being more dangerous and also creating a idiotic community of people like them best example we have is Salman Khan.
Do let us know where you stand on this whole war between the committed society & the Single’s society below in the comment section.


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