NASA Reports Say Aliens Are Going to Invade Earth Before the Year Ends.

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2016 has been a bizarre year so far. From weird challenges like ‘Banana peel challenge’ to the new Indian rupee notes and Donald Trump becoming the president of USA the year has proven to be unexpected and strange so far.

The only thing left was Alien invasion but don’t you worry. Even that is on it’s way too. Recent NASA reports claim Aliens will be invading Earth soon. This report is not new. The report is 2 years old and is released recently.


All the governments knew about it all along but did not leak the piece of information to save citizens from panic. Armies have been preparing for the invasion. New technology is being developed hastily.

Humans have no idea whether the Aliens are in a better position or they are in a better position. They are just preparing for the war. Aliens have been sending signals since last 3 years of initiating a war on Earth and making the planet their territory.

They are first expected to land in the USA as many movies have predicted it. Some scientist also claim that Donald Trump is an alien and he won the elections with his supernatural powers. Humans generally do not posses skin as orange as Trump’s.


Reports suggest being a president now Trump can make it easier for aliens to start their invasion. NASA had to release the news in haste as Trump started to lead the poll.

There is another conspiracy boiling on this planet which most humans are unaware of. Illuminati still exists and it is a group of Aliens living on Earth from many years and planning this very invasion that is going to hit Earth before the year end. Trump, obviously is a part of it with many other orangish human looking like aliens.

The future is uncertain and one can only hope for the best. If not 2012 maybe this year will bring end to Kalyug. Let’s hope this year doesn’t disappoint.

After looking at Trump it has become obvious that the aliens can change their appearance to look similar to humans. Everyone has been alerted. People just need to be careful with strangers and report if they see any person doing unusual inhuman activity. The person could be an alien in such cases.

Earth, now, needs to unite to see what aliens have in store for it. On a positive note, it may turn out to be positive but there is a high possibility of this not happening. According to NASA aliens see humans as destroyers. They have already destroyed most of the Earth. Before they destroy the universe they want to destroy humans.


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