Nepal Earthquake – Social Media and Advertising Blunders that Messed Up Everything

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Earthquake that hit Nepal and India recently have killed many people with many thousands have become homeless. However, there are many people who would not leave a chance to make insensitive or funny remarks on social media and otherwise, even during such serious moments. And, then there are many companies who are looking for promotional tactics linking with the tragedies.

As, it happens generally these days, people didn’t try to miss even Nepal earthquake tragedy to mock fun at BJP, Congress, AAP and other political leaders and parties. Then, there were some like Lenskart who tried to cash in and promote their product and some publishers like Scoopwhoop and others who tried to publish stupid stories around the tragedy.

Nepal Earthquake – Lenskart’s SMS Promo

An eye wear online retailer company named Lenskart launched a SMS promo titled “shake it off like this earthquake” soon after the tragedy. However, after getting slammed on social media and facing people’e anger over such stupid commercial, company spokesperson made an apology and assured not to repeat it in future.


Founder of the company tweeted an apology letter.

Not so long after, there seemed like another promotional campaign that started making rounds over the web, again in context of the same Nepal earthquake tragedy. However, this time company was quick to come back and claimed it to be a fake message and not sent/circulated by the company.  

American Swan’s Shameless Earth Shattering Offer

Similarly, another online shopping site named American Swan tried to cash in on the Nepal earthquake tragedy and started a campaign titled “Earth Shattering Offer”. Again, after getting lashed out, company apologized and removed it.

Many media companies also messed up the publishing space with stupid and insensitive headlines and stories on the issue.

ScoopWhoop Messed it Up – Nepal Tragedy

Famous media site ScoopWhoop was among the earliest ones who tried to cash in on the tragedy and publishing a story titled like “16 Thoughts That Went Through Everyone’s Mind When The Earthquake Happened”. Again after getting angry reactions from the readers, the magazine editor removed the story and made an apology via another post “Sorry, We Messed Up”. In the same apology post, editor also promised to donate a month’s salary to PM’s Relief Fund to help the victims. I think, she again messed the things up this time too by donating to PM fund rather than trying to provide a direct help. We only hope her money reaches the needy ones.

Mashable’s Insensitive Titled Story on Nepal Tragedy

Another famous media company, Mashable wrote a post on their site related to people who died in Nepal Earthquake and shamelessly titled it “3 Americans among thousands killed in Nepal earthquake“. For them and the writer, the fact that thousands of people died doesn’t seem that important as the fact that there were 3 Americans in the list of people who died.

These are the kind of people who shamelessly promote racism whenever they get an opportunity. Quite surprisingly, the story still exist on their website quite intact and with the same title. Nor, there have been any comment from the company’s side. They don’t feel much bothered, it seems.

Sambit Patra’s (BJP) Funny Remark even during Massive Nepal Tragedy

And, then there was no shortage of insensitive remarks by political leaders and jokes by people active of social media who didn’t think twice about it before posting it. Leading them all, was the BJP leader and spokesperson Sambit Patra who tweeted soon after the news broke out;

“I was watching the Ashutosh episode on AajTak..suddenly everything started took some time to realize that it was #earthquake”.”

sambit-patra-nepal-earthquake He too, like many others deleted the tweet afterwards and even made an apology via another tweet. However, it was already late and screenshot of his controversial tweet had already been taken by some one and circulated all over the web.

Rahul Gandhi’s Kedarnath visit Blamed Over Nepal Earthquake

Another BJP leader famous for his controversial remarks, Sakshi Maharaj has issued another controversial statement in regard with Nepal tragedy. This shameless guy has blamed Rahul Gandhi for the Nepal tragedy and has linked it all somehow with Rahul Gandhi’s Kedarnath visit. The reason he quoted while making this stupid statement, as the fact that Rahul Gandhi eats beef.


Insensitive Funny Tweets and Jokes on Twitter mocking Fun at Nepal Tragedy

As with any incident, twitterati tried to trend it on twitter by posting remarks mocking fun of such a massive tragedy in Nepal. It was Rahul Gandhi, who was being mocked fun at even in these stupid tweets. Most of these tweets were an attempt to crack a joke on making Rahul Gandhi as the reason for Nepal earthquake.

Aftermath of RahulGandhi’s visit to Rudraprayag, Earthquake hits North India & Nepal.

Rahul Gandhi in Himalayas! 7.5 Richter scale earthquake in Nepal as epicentre. Tremors felt in North India. #earthquake #tremors #Kathmandu.

Some of them even tried to use the tragedy to link it up with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Modi Wave in Nepal – Media reporting on Earthquake innNepal n Northern India… #earthquake.

Kya Dharti Ma Modi ke Land Acquisition Bill ke khilaaf aawaz utha rahi hai?

Most of the Indian TV news channels were also not very behind in trying to raise their TRP using this crisis moment. Some of the channels like IndiaTV, Zee News and Aaj Tak even took up some fake videos and aired them as the ones recorded by the eye witnesses. They themselves even claimed that they do not verify the authenticity of these videos and images but still continued to play it for the sake of TRP.


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