Not All Men Rape. Not All Women Accuse. Must Watch This Video Before Both The Genders Stop Trusting Each Other.

Disclaimer: Articles on this website are fake and a work of fiction and not to be taken as genuine or true. इस साइट के लेख काल्पनिक हैं. इनका मकसद केवल मनोरंजन करना, व्यंग्य करना और सिस्टम पर कटाक्ष करना है नाकि किसी की मानहानि करना.

It seems day by day the mutual trust between different genders  – men vs women is losing. All thanks to the cases like Jasleen and Sarvjeet where a fake case is file to gain publicity by a girl. Or any other case where a guy has really molested a girl or even raped her. It is true the real culprits should be booked and actions should be taken against them irrespective of the gender. However, it is also not false that the way things are going in our society, it will only get harder.

So, whose fault is this. Perhaps, its no body’s fault or perhaps its everyone’s fault. Whatever, it could be, losers are all of us. This is exactly what has been shown in the 2 minute short film by TheAAWProductions. Must watch.

Message this short video wants to give is – Not all Men Rape and Not all Women Accuse. However, for this to happen in reality it is very essential to have the mutual trust which is losing day by day. Its high time we wake up before its too late.


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