Odd-Even Traffic Rule – A Driver’s Dilemma

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The two habits which have been plaguing the humanity for ages complaining and lethargy, have hit Delhiites the hardest this winters. While on one hand we are incessantly whining upon the poor quality of air and rising traffic congestion, we cannot afford to part with our beloved cars for three days week on the other.


What is even more interesting to note here is, the people who are the unhappiest about this entire exercise of odd-even traffic rule are the first ones to complain about the pollution. These are the same enlightened intellectuals who, would be found embellishing their Facebook walls and Twitter handles with heartfelt cries of concern about the city.


To top it all, the leaders of this league of esteemed erudite are lawyers who have filed petitions demanding that either this exercise be ruled out or at least the lawyers be exempted. It will be interesting to see if all our lawyers begin to turn up on time on court hearing if exempted. Perhaps it will reduce the number of pending cases in the courts of Delhi if not the level of pollution! Talking about law, there is a beautiful line in the constitution that acquired only a poetic relevance, ‘every citizen is equal’. This line just not true when it comes to the road space given to a hundred people travelling in a bus to a single rich citizen driving a car. It seems having a bigger bank balance guarantees more road space.

However, an intriguing inference that is born out of this gung-ho is that entire hue and cry is revolving around time or more specifically the odd and even practice making it difficult for people to reach their place of work on time. But ironically, this entire argument is been turned on its head since the rule has been put into force because of reduced commuting time as there are fewer traffic jams due to lesser cars on the road.

Another rather genuine problem that this poor pansophic populace faces is, the dilemma of parting with its pride which is integral to the brand of one’s car. Therefore, it was modest indeed of them to mask their problem under veil of the cry of ‘lack of public transport’, even when thousands of buses were made to run to insure smooth commute. But who needs a blue sky when the rich can create their personal safe haven at home using air purifiers endorsed by Ms. Hema Malini herself?

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So why make rules that are even for all and watch the authorities struggle for them to be implemented against all odds?

Above post has been submitted by Ayesha Ahmad.


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