Om and Priyanka return to the Bigg Boss house, Salman quits and SRK Takes-Over.

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Shahrukh to takeover as the new host of the show, Salman unhappy.



Bigg Boss is known for all its controversies and scandalous events that take pace inside the house with contestant residing in it. With each passing season of Bigg Boss, the controversies and the drama has only grown to have reached a stage that would never get matched in any forthcoming seasons of the show or any other show on television.


With commoners in the reality show, the show has reached new heights as far as the rating is concerned. People are relating to it more now. Not too long back, Priyanka Jagga, a commoner, was kicked out of the Bigg Boss house because of her alleged ill behaviour with other fellow contestants by the host, Salman himself.  Salman was seen saying that he would never ever work with colors TV if she returns to the show ever. One week post that, there was an incident of throwing pee on the fellow contestant by the self-proclaimed godly saint, Swami Om for which he was also thrashed by Salman Khan and was kicked out of the show.
But the viewers hold a different opinion it seems. It is rumoured that colors TV and Bigg Boss received so many requests for getting these commoners back in the show. Viewers liked all that drama and due to sudden eviction of these two contestants, there was seen a drastic drop in the viewership of the show as well as the channel. Responding to the above stated concerns, colors took a bold decision of bringing back these two commoners back in the game, clearly not giving any heed to the statements of Salman Khan.
Salman Khan due to this reason was captured very upset and called for a press conference the same day. He said, “I never thought that the team behind the show will ever do such a low publicity stunt. I was associated with Bigg Boss despite all the controversies that take place inside the house because I know for a fact that it gets really difficult to stay in a house with the same set of people for so long and handling and curating them offers me the challenge in the job for which I do it. But now since Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga have been called back, I’ll stick to my words of leaving the show for once and all. My lawyers are working on my early finish clause terms and I am thankful to God that sooner or later he showed me the right way.”


Shahrukh to takeover as the new host of BB
The friendship might turn to rivalry due to Bigg Boss

With this statement, Salman has left people with mixed reactions. On one hand people are happy and respect the decision that he has made while on the other hand they are confused and wondering who the next host would be. According to sources, it is very much likely that this time for the entire left over season, Salman’s very dear friend Shahrukh Khan is taking over and he is getting paid twice as much as Salman was getting paid per episode. That might start another page in the Khan rivalry, but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be a bumpy ride downhill for Salman.


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