30 Questions to Kiran Bedi Which She Can Never Answer [Open Letter]

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While it was a shocking and surprise news to each one of the country with Kiran Bedi joining the BJP party just before the 2015 Elections, the news definitely triggers many interesting questions in the minds of the curious Indian citizens. Earlier, being a non-political person and refusing AAP party joining and criticizing Narendra Modi and then, sudden joining of the BJP party is surely an interesting loophole in the picture.

Kiran Bedi, you have been a very social and a true activist, member of the nation, but that doesn’t let you escape from citizen’s questions to answer.

You don’t have guts to defend your decision about joining BJP and Modi. That is the reason you have not accepted Kejriwal’s challenge to have an open public debate with him. You could not even stand to the questions that were asked to you by a TV news channel anchor and you left the show midway. You have more often behaved like an I-Run lady rather than an Iron Lady.

30 Questions to Kiran Bedi. Iron Lady or I-Run?

For obvious reasons as stated, the Indian citizens want to ask you many things in detail. Questions, which are triggering the people’s mind from which you can’t hide being your big Ghoonghat, are:


Q1. What’s your view on Modi Govt not appointing Lokpal from last 7 months?

Q2. From last 5 Months, Modi Govt did not appoint CIC as well. What’s your take on it Mrs. Bedi?

Q3. Your special views on BJP not complying with CIC orders of coming under RTI & declaring the source of funding?

Q4. We the citizens of India also need special views on independent CBI now? Because earlier you wanted it out of Govt control.

Q5. You are a lady who fights against the wrong done. What are your views on criminals and rape accused minister like Nihalchand in Modi Cabinet?

Q6. What’s your vision & agenda for Delhi’s development? How much you understand the capital cities’ problems?

Q7. After serving for a certain number of years, you didn’t receive the Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Service nor the President’s police Medal for Distinguished Service. Given these awards are routine for completing some of years, is your record neither meritorious nor distinguished? Kindly Explain?

Q8. You failed to complete your tenure for 4 separate occasions and in twice left your post without any permission, which is equal to the departure of the duty. Is this true?

Q9. Is this true that as DIG in Mizoram, the Governor had issued a formal note of displeasure against you for leaking information to the press? Kindly let us know.

Q10. Even when President Venkatraman visited Mizoram, the Governor became alert of your plans to disturb the visit and informed the Intelligence Bureau that you are not to be trusted with information and security. Is this true?

Q11. Was your presence as Inspector General in Chandigarh against the public interest? Is it true that Adviser to the Administrator wrote to the Home Minister to remove you?

Q12. How true it is when the press said you were sowing seeds of rebellion because you disagreed with certain suspension orders issued at that time?

Q13. During the lawyer strike in 1988, you were central figure and Wadhwa commission who investigated the matter found faults in you. Press claimed you as a chronic liar. What do you have to say about this?Kiran Bedi Political Scenario

Q14. After all the flaws and reasons mentioned above, having your outstanding record, your service record is a good reason for you to not deserve as a Police Commissioner? What you have to say about this?

Q15. Even Late. Governor Tejinder Khanna didn’t feel you as a fit person to Police Commissioner. Hence, no one felt your record to be a good record.

Q16. You said Dadwal’s appointment was wrong not just because your merit was overlooked, but your seniority was too. You believe you could have got the job on the basis of seniority if not merit?

Q17. Your Husband Brij Bedi became a visiting husband to you. Was your relationship with him a contractual marriage? Your husband has been very cooperative but you were not? Your parental family made lots of interference in your family life which affected your relationship with your husband? In fact, your parents even wanted you to divorce Brij Bedi.

Q18. When you hear that you weren’t a successful wife, but a successful and devoted daughter, what you have to say about the same?

Q19. If you want to change something, what would be that thing in your life?

Q20. Without forgetting, why did you set up your NGO office in Mauritius, the tax haven and center for diverting illegal funds?

Q21. Also, what made you say Quota is legal and getting your daughter in MBBS in Mizoram especially when you were posted there. Is it really legal for the members?

Q22. Privatization of railways and de-regularization of medicines have a huge impact on our daily lives. Do you really think this was majorly required for making India into what the party predicts?

Q23. Hindutwavadis have been making statements of making learning and teaching history, science and social issues very difficult. As you are highly educated a woman, would you endorse this kind of political interference in the education system?

Q24. You are being a Police Woman, you must be aware of 63 MPs of the BJP having criminal records and majorly these are against women including rape and assault. Do you justify having rapists and molesters in responsible positions in your party too?

Q25. Do Dilli-Wallas need Modi Storm ride to meet the wild promises or does Delhi need to protect a Diya Lamp?

Q26. You were never an anti-corruption crusader and you used Anna’s movement only to promote your own NGO and for personal gains?

Q27. If corruption was really a high priority issue for you then why you have pushed it to be the at 7th priority?

Q28. Your present boss i.e. Amit Shah was an under trial when you were DIG (Tihar) and today circumstances have made you report into him. How could your self-respect and self-esteem allow you to do so?

Q29. You are ready to dump corruption issue only to get Delhi CM chair. You are too hungry for power?

Q30. You have been a big failure on both – personal as well as professional front. You are not an Iron Lady but an I-Run woman who has always been running out of responsibilities. Your have always acted like a dictator on both the fronts and today, even majority of BJP veterans don’t like your induction into BJP and made a Delhi CM candidate. They even call you a big time anarchist.

We hope and are sure that you won’t run away from these questions as you have been applauded for being faithful in social justice and committed towards the rights of women. You are an icon of female strength, but many of us are currently confused of your present political decision. Once you answer these questions, we will be clarified to support you further. Kindly respond.

Thank You.


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