Farmers Looking Forward to “Pet ki Baat” – An Open Letter to Narendra Modi

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Our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is going to address our farmers over the radio in the programme ‘Mann ki Baat’ on 22nd March 2015. Today when I am writing this, till the time this programme is broadcasted there would be few more farmers who would find a way out to their problems by hanging themselves to death.

An Open Letter to Narendra Modi on Mann Ki Baat with Farmers

Seriously Mr. Prime Minister, do you think that addressing a farmer who is standing over a grave of his own crops due to the recent hailstorm and untimely rain through ‘Mann ki Baat‘ is all you can do for them ?modi-mann-ki-baat-farmers

The land bill which says that a farmer has to sell his land if it is required for development has already crushed his broken heart.

What is development according to you Mr. Prime Minister?


Is development all about only the smart cities that you are dreaming of? What about the villages.  Well we don’t expect them to be smart like your dream cities but at least make them self sustainable.

Is development all about making the Adanis and the Ambanis count among the richest in the world? And what about the poor farmers? No.. even they don’t imagine in the wildest of their dreams that they would be rich one day but at least can they feed their children three times a day?open-letter-to-narendra-modi

Is development all about making India a manufacturing hub? And what about agriculture, which was once the reason why India was called ‘Sone ki Chidiya’?

Is development all about getting these poor farmers a bank account? And what about getting some money saved in that account?

Shocking facts you didn’t know about Narendra Modi.

Is development all about visiting the developed countries and granting them a visa on arrival? And what about visiting your own villages and granting them some basic amenities like food, water and shelter?

I am sure Mr. Prime Minister that your strategies will definitely lead India’s cities towards development but please don’t forget these villages, which is the soul of India. I rely on you when it comes to the development of the young educated Indians but please don’t forget these uneducated but important farmers who works day and night to feed those educated young Indians sitting in the developed India.

Sir, when you were fasting during your visit to America the media was so excited to show an old prime minister of India who can work without eating food or drinking water. Every one was affected right from the common man to the President of United States.  But the irony is that many such old farmers in our country  remain fasting for days without food and water and no one is affected.

So Mr. Prime Minister before the broken hearts of these farmers lead to their broken lives please do some ‘Pet ki Baat’ with them and not ‘Mann ki Baat’.


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  1. yatendra chaudhary


    यह अपनी पोज़िशन का फायदा उठाने जैसा है ! परीधान मंत्री जी को गरीब की इतनी फिक़्र होती तो 2015-16 के बज़ट में गरीब के हिस्से का 75000 करोड क्यों कम किया ! ये श्रीमान जी केवल अपने भाषणबाज़ी के बल पर राज करना चाहते हैं !

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