What lies Sarhadpaar! Pakistan Responds To ATD Mere Saamnewali Sarhad Pe. Must Watch.

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Shah Rukh Khan gave us a line worth remembering in his My Name Is Khan: “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.” So apt, so true. With the advent of the channel Zindagi into our zindagis, at least something, if not a lot, has altered about the way we perceive people across the border, all for the better (and how can this ever be complete without a mention of the latest heartthrob of India, Fawad Khan! *drools*)


This video by Being Indian touches the cord at all the right places. If there are things lacking in Pakistan, then we too are not the embodiment of perfection. Glorifying yourself at the expense of others is no glorification. Watch this wonderful song, enjoy, and the most important of all, THINK!


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