People Going For Plastic Surgery to Look Like Pakistani Tea Seller Arshad Khan.

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A chai wala from Pakistan recently got famous for looking gorgeous in a picture. He was spotted in Islamabad. The chai wala’s name is Arshad Khan and he sells tea in the area where Sunday Bazaar is held. The photograph which got so famous was taken by Javeria who is a professional photographer. She took a picture of him during a photo walk she participated in.

The picture was then posted on her Instagram. It did not take much time for the photo to be famous and a trending topic on the internet. Thousands of girls started crushing over the blue eyed hottie and thousands of guys wanted to be him.


As the Pakistani chai wala came to fame and got modelling assignments a lot of men booked appointments with doctors. Most of the men who want to have a surgery to look similar to Arshad Khan claim to be unemployed engineers. They say they are ready to go under knife if it lands them a job and a good life.

Most of the people who want this surgery also belong to India and Pakistan. As Arshad Khan is a Pakistani he is more famous in the Indian subcontinent.

Nonetheless the world is not good as it seems. Everyone who is going under knife is not going because of their own will. It is reported that many wives and girlfriends are also forcing their husbands and boyfriends to have this surgery and slay like Arshad Khan.

Arshad Khan totally kills in the pictures taken by Javeria. He did not look much confident when he became a model. Less confidence lowered his personality percentage and many people who already went under knife regretted. Even after seeing new pictures of Arshad Khan many still want to go through the surgery to have gorgeous looks and to get some modelling assignments.

We talked to an Indian who had the surgery weeks ago. At first he was very happy but now he misses his original face. His happiness is fading away with the trend. At first girls used to roam around him like in the commercials of Axe deodorants but as the trend kicked in many more men had the surgery done and have the similar face and looks. Not being unique anymore turned out to be disappointing for many people.

Doctors are earning lakhs of money because of this new trend and are happy to do these surgeries. They say they can only guide their patients, the final decision is always in the patient’s hand and they do end up choosing surgery than living a poor life. Many of them have taken personal loans for this surgery. They look at it as an investment for a better future.

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