Parties Sit On CHINTAN BAITAK After EC Blows Poll Bulge In Five States

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Soon after the announcement of poll dates for five states- U.P., Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, National heavyweight champions like ‘Lotus’ blossom, Face ’Palm’ and state heavyweights like Re-‘Cycle’, Dalit ‘Elephant’ and Akalis had a Chintan Baitak at their designated headquarters. The ambitious political startup Broomstick was not too far behind their rivals.

The stakes are higher for ‘Lotus’ blossom as the election comes in the midterm of demonetization program. Sources from MindTheNews confirmed that party emphasized on satisfactory performance in the election which will be needed to introduce more demonetization plans in near future.


But the real focus of the meeting was on the happenings at the party headquarters of Face ‘Palm’ Chintan Baitak. This created a pessimistic environment. Face ‘Palm’ camp is rather on a more optimistic mode after the fight for ownership of Cycle between party supremo Mulayam Singh and Chief Minister alias son alias nobody Akhilesh Yadav. Even Sonia Gandhi has said to have given strong thoughts on the idea after several debacles, facepalm moments, the party had to face under the honorable leadership of RaGa.


Not behind in this brainstorming- Chintan Baitak were the two state champions of Uttar Pradesh. Re-’Cycle’  had planned to organize a cycle race following which the winner of the race shall take over the reins of the party. Amar Singh plans to hire Tour de France champion Chris Froome to participate on behalf of Mulayam faction. The party is likely to come up with the date for the cycle competition in their next Chintan Baitak.


Meanwhile, Dalit ‘Elephant’ supremo Mayawati seems to have thought on similar lines, in the Chintan Baitak held recently. She has planned to organize a drawing contest of her image (which would be later selected for model installation on Yamuna express highway). The winner would be also offered a party ticket from his desired constituency. The contest has said to be open for all residents of UP. There shall be no caste barrier, thereby, emphasizing on social engineering. But subjected to a reservation quota of 99% for Dalits and Muslims.


In the Chintan Baitak of Broomstick, the party wishes to finally govern a state where the police are under state control, as though a miracle is waiting to happen. They also expect no menace of Lieutenant General. The upcoming state election has caught up their excitement and has made strategies against Akalis. Surprisingly, their strategy will not include any anti-Modi elements.


All parties across the spectrum have taken the decisions at Chintan Baitak seriously since gains are too high for the winners. Losers will bear additional loss post the move of demonetization. Only coming March 11 would the public be able to say this when the results come.


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