To Boycott “Made In China” Colors, Patanjali Promotes Pure Cow Dung (Gobar) Rangoli.

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It seems, like always, Patanjali is ever ready to make the most from any ban that happens in the country. This time, banning of all Made In China items and the related “Boycott Chinese Products” campaign has only helped Patanjali than anyone else in the country. Patanjali, to support this ban, is now promoting “Made In India” cow dung (Gobar) Rangoli instead of Rangoli made up with “Made In China” colors.

Well, it is obvious out of all the companies offering such products Patanjali, the fastest growing company in India is actually leading the market. It is making ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign more successful than ever. This trend of making rangolis out of excreta of cow is expected to last many years. Meanwhile the Chinese manufacturers of powder colours are afraid of the same trend of replacing powder colours with cow dung enter in Holi too. If that happens they will have to face great loss.

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This trend, straight coming from Varanasi, involves rangolis made of fresh cow dung. People believe it is more probable for Goddess Laxmi to enter a house with holy cow dung at their doorstep. The trend started from Varanasi or as we call it, ‘Banaras’. After Banarasites posted their beautiful cow dung rangolis on Instagram, the nation got aware of the trend and started following it.

Cow dung rangoli is also a symbolism of how beauty can be found in universally unaccepted things like excreta.  It also gives a message that god can be found everywhere, it doesn’t matter how the things or the people look like or smell like, whether they are pure or impure.


As per spokes person from Patanjali, “Cow dung is also an economical choice as compared to rangoli colours. Low cost Patanjali Herbal Rangoli colours can also be sprinkled from above once a rangoli is made”.

Cow dung rangoli is a saviour for all those poor vendors who cannot afford anything but cheap Chinese LED lights to sell for the festival. After people started to boycott Chinese products they suffered big loss and were afraid of the fact that their festival will go with them being in poverty and no one is going to acknowledge thatNow they are happy as the Cow dung rangoli trend came over. They, now collect fresh cow dung for free and sell it to Patanjali which in turn packages them beautifully and puts their label and sell it in the market.

This trend is playing great for some other companies as well. Some companies have launched complimentary products for cow dung rangolis like ‘Gobar rangoli fragrance’ which is a spray with very strong scent so no one is hampered by the smell of cow dung at their doorstep. There is also a product which, once sprayed on the rangoli will keep the rangoli intact and in shape even after the dung dries up. There are other products too in order to keep flies away from intricate cow dung rangolis.

Trends come and go but our festivals are here for eternity, giving us a reason to celebrate life.

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