Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ May Actually Help Cure Cancer.

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pokemon-go-help-cure-cancerRecently, a study proved that most people of all ages are spending most of their time playing this exciting virtual game called ‘Pokemon go‘ catering to their childhood fantasies instead of their adult fantasies.

Scientists have found that people who play this game have become “young at heart and mind” and that this game is even affecting their physical health in a very positive manner. Old people are now getting up, stretching out to catch a Squirtle or two. Joint pain or cardiac arrest is no more an excuse!

Young children are glued to their parents smartphones and are assisting responsible parents collect more pokemons while sitting in the stroller itself. Playing Pokemon go is strengthening family bonds and is helping them work together.

School children are now focused on how to make their Pikachu or Evee level up rather than focusing on politics of the American war of Independence.

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Donald Trump burning the world down can be put on hold because Pokemon Go has become the key focus of the society.

After extensive research was done on the game and its effects on human beings, researchers have reasons to believe that people spending all their time playing this game instead of doing actual, productive work, can avail benefits from it.

Scientists and doctors together have announced that playing Pokemon Go may add 41 days to life. This means we get additional 41 days adding to our lifespan to not achieve what we could have 50+ years ago and instead can spend those days playing more pokemon go.

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Doctors have also contemplated about this game further and come to a conclusion that any kind of cancer can be cured by just playing Pokemon go. This game, has properties that help cancer patients focus less on their pain and more on the technicalities of the game, thus acting like morphine by itself.

Pokemon go gets the whole population glued to it so much that nobody has time to focus on the hair that is falling off cancer patients heads and thereby this game prevents patients from dealing with shame and embarrassment about their existing condition.

Pokemon go has come like a blessing in disguise for cancer patients as it helps them in so many ways.

The game releases dopamine in the brains of the players which helps them stay in a euphoric state.

It helps in controlling their stress levels as players are usually in a good mood. Unless the miss catching a pokemon, of course!

Pokemon go has helped people elevate their self-esteem as well, players spend a lot of their time and energy trying to catch pokemon and they are rarely unsuccessful and end up getting a huge collection of pokemon which leaves them feeling important and useful.

Pokemon go also helps people stay fit, it reaches their daily exercise goals as they have to search far and wide for pokemon and walk quite a lot. So they just need to go to the right kind of gym. The Pokemon gym.

This game thus, helps people come together and help each other and themselves in attaining a long, happy and a meaningful life.



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