Boy Thanked Modi For Suggesting Him A New Pick Up Line, Says It Works.

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PM Modi in his address to the nation on new year’s eve released a series of welfare schemes. In one of his announcements, he granted a universal maternity entitlement of Rs.6000 for all pregnant women. Taking a cue from Modi’s announcement, a frustrated Delhite innovated over his bag of pick-up lines.



A matter of bizarre coincidence turned out to be fruitful for this Delhite. He is believed to be in his late 20s and works at an IT firm. Recalling his engineering days, the boy was initially shy to use pick up lines on girls. On fewer occasions, he would borrow cheap pick up lines which failed miserably. Though he never learned ‘engineering’, he would not miss out on trying boring pick-up lines.

RBI गवर्नर का ब्यान, “नोटबंदी के बाद मेने लिए मोदी से ज्यादा यू टर्न, इसीलिए मुझे प्रधानमंत्री बनाया जाये”.


On a Sunday afternoon, in his neat white shirt and a formal tie, he approached a girl. He asked her, “Do you want Rs.6000?”. The girl was shocked. Soon she realized and fell for his pick up line. It was the end of constant rejections for the boy. He was on cloud nine. More than the fact that he finally got a girlfriend, he was happy that his pick-up line worked.


As the news went viral, people had mixed reactions. The pick up line experts decided to dig deep into this issue. They advocated that this pick up line was not original. To everybody’s surprise, they even said that pick up lines were derogating in nature. The beauty queens were swift to respond to this. They rubbished the previous argument saying that pickup lines, in general, are derogating in nature. They also responded saying that these experts were original in their content. The whole beauty queen community liked this Delhite’s thought. They lauded this Delhite for his General Awareness skills. Later, they also confirmed the fact that they liked boys approaching them with such pick up lines.


In an interview with his girlfriend, she took all the credit for his success. Had she not agreed, his pickup line would have been a flop. This pickup line, according to her, was unique. It reflected his General Awareness on politics. She said, “I always wanted a smart and an intelligent boyfriend. He must be strong in current affairs and must be serious in his life”. It appeared as if she wanted his boyfriend to appear for UPSC examinations.


The boy decided to thank PM Modi for inspiring him to come up with such a pick up line. In a courtesy, he wrote a letter to PM Modi. He also mentioned few of his older pick up lines in the letter. He hopes that it might be useful for Modi later. PMO is yet to reply on this issue.


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