PM Narendra Modi’s Wife Jashodaben Files RTI After Being Denied a Passport. She Suspects Modi Also Got His Passport Giving Wrong Marital Status.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi might be in trouble again if what his wife Jashodaben suspects is true. PM Modi’s wife’s application to get passport has been rejected earlier. Now, she has filed a RTI with the passport department seeking details of Narendra Modi’s passport. She has specifically asked about what Modi has specified as his marital status and what supporting documents he has given while applying for his passport during his tenure as the CM of Gujarat.


PM Modi has given false marital status details while filing the nomination for the Loksabha elections during 2014.

“Jashodaben came to the office today and filed an RTI application related to her passport. We will give her reply in due course,” said Regional Passport Officer Z A Khan.

Jashodaben’s application for Passport was rejected in November 2015 on the account of not providing supporting documents like Marriage certificate or joint affidavit as a proof to show she is married to PM Modi.

She has applied for the passport as she wanted to travel abroad to visit her family and relatives. Currently, she is staying with her brother Ashok Modi in a village in Gujarat.

Jashodaben suspects that PM Modi as well might not have given correct marital status details while filing application to get his passport when he was CM of Gujarat. Or, if he has specified it correctly, then how and what supporting documents Modi had given to support his marital status.

If what Jashodaben is suspecting comes true, then PM Modi might be in trouble again. However, it also depends if Passport department provided true information to her RTI.

It will be interesting to see what legal action is taken against PM Modi if he has provided wrong marital status or provided insufficient documents while applying for his passport.,


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