Opposition: Among All Other Battles Against China, Modi’s Policy is To Overtake China in Population too.

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On the eve of New Year, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement that all pregnant women in the country would be credited INR 6000 per month in their bank accounts to manage their expenses for food and medicines.

On this move, the opposition was seen to be saying that, “India is fighting China in all fields and population is one of them. He aspires the Indian population to cross China’s population by 2019, when his term as the Prime Minister ends. Giving off INR 6000 per month to pregnant women has given another reason for the rural, unemployed and illiterate people to be as they are because for no reason they’ll be paid INR 6000 monthly by just getting their wives pregnant.”


On the other hand, the Union HRD Minister, Prakash Javadekar said that, “I may quit in the coming year if Modi does not take his decision back because this has increased my work load. I will have to work day and night now to get new IITs and IIMs in place for this new population that his policies are bound to produce.”


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