RaGa’s reaction on Namo’s Madison square speech

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RaGa's reaction on Namo's Madison square speech

RaGa's reaction on Namo's Madison square speechToday the whole country woke up with a sense of pride and patriotism within them after the overpowering speech by PM Narendra Modi yesterday at Madison Square. None of the channels gained TRP yesterday other than the news channels which were broadcasting the event live. The whole country was waiting for Namo to arrive at the venue since 8PM (IST). Namo hit the floor just like a rock star at around 10 PM. Pregnant women held their babies tight in their womb as they didn’t want to miss even a single word from this person, who has become the superhero of the country. But the speech was worth waiting. Not only in India, but the show became a hit in 70 other countries. And don’t even ask about New York. The celebrations and the enthusiasm of the people there made New York look like Delhi enjoying Navratri.

Namo was right! He has enlightened the same sense of ownership into the people of India as Mahatma Gandhi did during the fight for freedom. For the first time each one in the country felt a connection with his/her countrymen sitting miles apart. For the first time an NRI would not just complain about dirty India but might help to make it clean. For the first time an Indian will not taunt and laugh on a NRI who keeps a hand sanitizer or drinks only Bisleri, but will give him/ her a sanitized India instead.

Each point that the Indian PM discussed at the Madison square garden yesterday will tend to make a history for INDIA. From visa on arrival to lifelong visa to PIOs. From,’ Ganga purification’ to ‘Make in India’. From, ‘removing the unimportant laws’ to’ the importance of Mars Orbiter Mission’. Every word felt like a magic.

While all the Indians in India are having a hangover of last night, and every Indian in America are still dreaming about it, one more person is really happy about Namo’s speech. And that’s Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has announced within his party members that he is going to be the PM for sure after next elections as BJP or Narendra Modi will face defeat badly.

While the senior congress party leaders are depicting that Rahul Gandhi is suffering from just another panic attack, Rahul has all the reasons to prove his points. Rahul claims that Modi has not included any of the major issues India has from the past 67 years. These issues were discussed by all the congress leaders all the time, all these years. But Namo has just been so careless to skip them all.

The first and foremost issue is ‘uplifting the backward class’. Mr. Modi, not even once has mentioned in his speech about how he is going to give more and more reservations to the backward class in his governance. Though its been 67 years that they are getting reservations, though they have gained higher qualification and higher posts than the upper class with the help of these reservations and the upper class is lying behind them now just because of the misdeeds their ancestors did to these people’s ancestors, still we have to keep giving them reservations to keep them realizing that they were and will remain ‘reservation quota’ of votes for congress. These people will soon know that Modi is going to give them ‘equal rights’ and not more. And which backward class person would want to get equal rights in this country? huh!

There was nothing about funding the various ‘Madarsa’ in the country. At least Modi should have announced some perks for the Jamia Milia Islamia University to attract the Muslims. “I have never seen an immature politician like Modi ever in my life”, said Rahul. He kept saying ‘Bhaiyo aur Behno’ (Brothers and sisters) to each Indian without knowing the fact that a Hindu and Muslim can’t be brothers or sisters in our country. We have to divide them to rule over them. Simple!

‘W’ stand for Women Empowerment as per RaGa. Rahul was surprised to see that this ‘W’ did not even exist in Namo’s speech. The PM instead talked about the country’s empowerment, the youth’s empowerment, Indian’s empowerment. He is not distinguishing between Men and Women? Not addressing them on separate issues? Haa! Long way to go Mr. Modi! If you feel that Indian women are already empowered enough to work with the men, then you got to check your political facts.

Now, what was the need to give lifetime visas and all to these NRIs. How many votes will he get from them? He has done absolutely a nonsense job at Madison. Look at him, he said ‘Bharat Mata ki jay’ at the end, which was not even in his script. I don’t even utter a word out of the script and he thinks he can out beat me on that: D.

5 Years later:
Narendra Modi who was elected again as the next Prime Minister of India yesterday will be going to see Rahul Gandhi, who has been admitted in the mental asylum last evening.


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