‘Tired’ Rahul Gandhi, Now, Hopes To Find Support Abroad.

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London: According to reports, the Gandhi scion had flew to London, in order to gather support internationally. His rigorous international campaign would cover London and few other parts of Britain that are yet to be disclosed by the Rahul Gandhi’s office. In a speech delivered by him at the Big Ben, London, yesterday, had staunch elements of ‘women empowerment’, ‘poverty alleviation’, ‘anti-modi’. Sooner he realized that he was not in India and and had to divert the attention of his audience. Sure, he had his ‘pappu’ moments yet again.


Rahul Gandhi, also gave a hint on fighting the general elections for the House of Commons of British Parliament, after tweeting about it days ago. His tweet read, “Britishers prefer fair-skinned people as their representative…” Jyoti Raje Scindia soon advised Rahul to also campaign in USA for the President election 2020.


Meanwhile, the Congress has denied that Rahul made no such comments and hopes to bring him back to India, BJP and AAP leaders immensely supported his international campaign.


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