Rahul Gandhi Returns – 12 Viral Funny Pics

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Just as the news about Rahul Gandhi gone missing became viral, so is the news about his return. Rahul Gandhi has returned back after 56 days long sabbatical leave. Rahul Gandhi has been missing since February 2015 Budget session and hence, has become the butt of joke not only within political circles but also on social media.

Here are 12 most funny pics which have again gone viral after the news about Rahul Gandhi’s return came in.

Rahul Gandhi Missing Posters.

Soochna dene wale ko malamal kiya jayega!



Rahul Baba Aayega!

Sonia kept saying, “mera rahul baba aayega” (much like famous Ram Lakhan dialogue).


Sonia, Manmohan Welcome Rahul Gandhi.

Sonia, Manmohan Singh and whole congress is happy to welcome Rahul Gandhi’s return.


Even Google Searched Hard for RaGa.

Google – who else could be better to search (find) him.


RaGa Missing Since Budget Session.

Budget session was the start of the holiday period for congress leader.


Rahul Gandhi Was Spotted on Mars?

ISRO probably spotted him on Mars sometime back?


 Jane Woh Kon sa Desh, Jahan Tum Chale Gaye.

Jane woh kon sa desh, na chithhi na sandesh, jahan tum chale gaye.


Amul Girl Finds Rahul Gandhi Holidaying.

Amul Girl was the first to spot him holidaying.


Gandhi, Obama & Even Modi Tried Hard to Find RaGa.

Whole world was curious to find Rahul and get him back. Look who all were missing RaGa. Mahatma Gandhi, Obama and even Modi were desperately looking for him.


CID’s ACP Pradyuman Asked Daya to Find RaGa.

Case was finally handed over to CID and ACP Pradyuman had to ask Daya to find him asap.


RaGa Missing Poster – Jahan Bhi Ho Laut Aao.

Even such posters were of little help to get him back.


Why Rahul Gandhi Declined to Return Earlier.

Finally, main reason revealed – why Rahul Gandhi kept postponing his sabbatical leave.



Could you think of any more reasons on why Rahul Gandhi went missing and any messages on his return, please do share it below.


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