Rahul Gandhi Turns Chatur of 3 Idiots

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Rahul Gandhi turned “Chatur” of 3 Idiots fame in one of his election rallies. If you remember the character of Chatur in the famous movie 3 Idiots, then you would recall how he made mockery of the word “Blatkaar”. He did so because he didn’t understand Hindi language too well. But, Rahul Gandhi inspite of knowing Hindi very well, still could not differentiate between the words “Bharshtachaar” and “Blatkaar”. Check out the video below to have the real fun.


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May be, this time Corruption (or Bharshtachaar) has been the main issue for all political parties, so they are used to make it a point to use the word corruption or Bhrashtachaar a couple of hundreds of times in their speeches so as to let people know how much they are concerned with it. However, in case of Indian Pappu, he probably went a little over with it and forget to differentiate between the words Bhrashtachaar and Blatkaar. He did realize his mistake later on though and even apologized but it was too late already. People enjoyed his confusion with the words and could not help laughing.

Well, it was not the only incident that Rahul made look so dumb. There has been numerous incidents that happened during his speeches and TV interviews which made him a look like a real Pappu. In one of another incident, he could not even answer a question asked by a JNU student and started counter questioning. However, the student was much smarter than Rahul Gandhi and only made Rahul look even more embarrassed (read Pappu :-)).

When Rahul was being interviewed by Arnab Goswami, he started talking about women empowerment over a question on role of Narendra Modi in Gujarat riots. See the video to enjoy.


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