Now, Rakhi Sawant’s Wax Statue To Be Placed At Madame Tussauds Right Next to That of PM Modi.

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Rakhi Sawant always makes it to the breaking news and yet now with a really shocking one! Her passion and love towards the country and PM Modi took her beyond the seas and landed up her wax statue at “The Madame Tussauds”, right next to that of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. However, only a part of it has been disclosed, so far.


Rakhi Sawant expresses her tremendous joy and love to both the countries for this extremely delightful opportunity. She further disclosed that the wax model demonstrates for how she would look after getting done with one more surgery.

Also, she added that a bindi on her forehead would symbolize her immortal love for the country and culture she was born in. Very soon, the entire statue would be revealed out to the whole world on the occasion of Republic Day, as celebrated on 26th January, in The Madame Tussauds, London in her honor.


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