Rape is a Crime but Blame One Not All is the Message These Girls Want to Give.

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When it comes to “Rape”, #BlameOneNotAll is the message these girls want to convey via their posters. BlameOneNotAll campaign is by Mintified and targeting to prove not all men are the same and there are many who are always there to protect a women.

This is what each of these poster has depicted. Each girl has a poster with a message on it which is certainly based on her personal experience with a man/men.

I Trust my Best Friend Completely when I am Alone. #BlameOneNotAll


I feel extremly safe with my driver even when he come to pick me up at late night.


None of my friends and cousins with whom I booze have misbehaved ever.


My Uncle is my only trustworthy guardian when my parents are not around.


I have never ever experinced any unwanted gesture from my male professor.


I always feel safe with my friends when I go for late night parties.


My elder brother’s friends take me as their sister and act like one too.


So, Rape is indeed a crime and rapist is a big criminal but once again, #BlameOneNotAll.


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