Ravish Kumar (NDTV) Slams Fake Journalism by Arnab Goswami and Deepak Chaurasia During Prime Time. Video Goes Viral.

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NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar is one of those rare news anchors who don’t run after TRP. We have never seen Ravish Kumar shouting or indulging in abuses with any of his guests during his prime time show. That is the reason more people like him, watch him and trust him. He always talks sense and speak calmly.

ravish kumar ndtv prime time black screen

This is the reason, he felt hurt when some of the news anchors like Arnab Goswami and Deepak Chaurasia tried to talk nonsense during their respective shows on JNU controversy. They tried to put words in the mouth of their guests, they shouted to show they are most patriotic and they even played morphed videos on their show. Shamless guys did all these things only to raise the TRP of their show.


So, on February 19 for the famous prime time show on NDTV, its anchor Ravish Kumar blacked out the screen and tried to gave a message that TV debates are getting dirtier day by day and are plunging us into darkness.

He started this 41 minutes monologue with, “TV bimaar ho gaya, Use TB ho gaya hai,” and during all this time the screen was kept dark and you could only hear his voice.

This epic episode by Ravish Kumar has already gone viral leading to a fresh debate over who is nationalist and who is anti-nationalist.

He also pointed out how big political parties are misusing technology and using tools like photoshop and others to create fake/morphed images and videos and circulating them on social media. He cited the recent example of JNU controversy in which how a video showing Kanahaiya giving a speech was played by  shows of Arnab Goswami (Times Now) and Deepak Chaurasia. In the video, he was shown giving a speech shouting slogans against India and has a pakistan flag in the backdrop. However, later it was found that video was not genuine and it was morphed to make him sound anti-India. What all shit that fake video led to – we all know.

It is the job a news anchor to bring out the truth and tell it to the public via their shows. But people like Arnab Goswami and Deepak Chaurasia put all ethics at stake and indulge in activities like shouting, abusing and stopping the people from speaking. On top of that they do all this shit while sharing the fake and morphed videos on their shows. They don’t have even this much time such that they can verify the authenticity of the same because all they have in thier mind is TRP.

Ravish Kumar has very precisely pointed out all this in his this special episode which has a black screen throughout the episode.

Must watch this video below;



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