15 Reasons Why Cricket is a Religion and Tendulkar is a God for Indian Fans

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In India, if you want to see true spirit, madness, support, co-operation, love for the nation and above all, the craziness like never before, you should watch it when there is cricket match between two heated teams. Cricket in India is just not a sport but a religion. Everything else is on second priority list when the cricket match is on. But how this happens is solely because of fans! Indian fans are the ones who stand out with their way of presenting in the most amazing manner. Here are some reasons why you will feel Indian are actually born cricket fans and cricket is the first religion for them.

Live Telecast anytime, be it 3 am!


However odd the hours are, when the TV is on, we are absolutely like fevicol ka jodd!

Curfew during some matches:Curfrew during Indian Matches

On a weekday, when roads are jam-packed! But when its Indo-Pak match, not a single person found on the roads because all are busy in front of their television waiting for the heated match to start.

We believe in beating targets:Beating Targets during Indian Crickets

‘Last time, it was this much score. Let India play this time to beat that score to win the trophy’- this line moving in every Indian cricket fans head.

Memories of World Cup all fresh:


But Birthdays/ Anniversary? We will think later. Lets concentrate on match first.

Indian Fans symptoms: Loud, Proud and with props:


You attend one match on any ground and you will believe me.

Sachin Tendulkar is the god for our nation:


A normal player in any other country but people worship him as great fans in India.

Indian Matches duration: Some hours. Post Match discussion: Some Days:


Are you smiling too? Because you also one to discuss for so long about the match?

For Indian Cricket Fan- Break All Boundaries:Indian Cricket Fan

Boundaries for an Indian cricket fan? It is N/A- Not Applicable!

Fans Support and love through thick and thin:Indian Fans Love Support

No matter whichever country you play with and wherever you play, their support will remain the same.

Crowd Support: Players biggest Support:Crowd Supporters for Indian Players

Magical things automatically happen when fans cheer and scream your name out once you on the field. All the energy inside the player’s body drive in the moment they see such enthusiastic followers.

Cricket Match: Another way of partying:Cricket- Way of Partying

Lounges and clubs screen matches on big screen for people to dine, dance and enjoy every bit of the cricket played by their country.

Enjoy Cricket with Company and never alone:Watch Cricket with Company

Find numerous crowds of fan during the cricket day even if not in stadium, roam around, they crowd on their own because they just need the screen to watch the match. Be it anywhere, who cares?

Packed house of Supporters in every Indian cricket match:NRI Indian Cricket Fans

Even our NRI supports proudly bleed in Blue!

Fights/Arguments between family members for Cricket:Fight for Cricket

When you see fights/ arguments between two brothers in the family or between a father and a son in the house, the reason mostly will be on Indian cricket topic. That’s when they represent the true fan following of the country.

Gully Cricket, the next hit game with Neighbor Friends:Famous Gully Cricket

When cycling or playing football/badminton are old fashioned and bored game. The Gully cricket is the main game and all-time favorite for all the neighbor friends being cricket lovers and fans.

Blue is the favorite color of all Indian Cricket lover boys during IPL/WorldCup:Blue -Favorite Color of Indian Cricket Fans

‘Why are you not wearing blue today? – Asks one boy to his friend!

I didn’t have my blue t-shirt clean. – Answers his friend.

Ok, lets go and buy then. It is World cup final of India. You have to wear blue!- answers his friend.’


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