Reliance “Piyo Aur Jio” Offer – Buy Jio SIM & Get “Jug Jug Jiyo” Whisky Free.

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Reliance has come out with a unique marketing strategy that has left the world dumbfounded. In its new “Piyo aur Jio” campaign, Reliance now offers it’s free Jio sim cards, along with the lucrative offer of three months of free 4G data and talktime, bottles of Whisky that is call “Jug jug Jiyo” for three months.

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The whole aim of Reliance is to digitalise India. It is to make India so dependent on technology (their phones and the internet) that they forget the value of human lives and human bonds altogether,

The campaign aims at intoxicating people into making poor choices. People are given a unlimited supply of “Jug Jug Jiyo” on using the Jio sim card, customers can walk in at any time and pick up their free bottles of whiskey.

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People have become thrilled with this new incentive to use the Jio connection. Since there is no age limit put on the distribution of the alcohol, parents are more than willing to buy their kids new phones.

The Ambanis have hit the nail by letting this campaign spread like wildfire. The campaign aims at allowing people to be digitalised and also to be able to make their own choices with regard to the consumption of alcohol.

Countless citizens of the nations are feeling empowered because of this and are thankful to Reliance.

Nobody expected this company to come out with such genius strategy because everybody assumed the Ambanis were busy building ridiculously big houses with hundreds of cars to rub their riches on the face of India’s poverty.

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But by bringing this out, they have truly shown how much they care for and love the country and its people.

Reliance and it’s owners are aware of the fact that majority of the Indian population suffers with the issues of depression and anxiety and they have brought out this campaign “Piyo aur Jiyo” in order to allow India and its people, especially the youth, to enjoy and be merry by drinking and surfing the internet.

Mobile companies have come up with creative ads and banners but no one has come up to the standards of Reliance. If you need to surf the internet at the speed of light, if you want to unwind after a hard day of work with a peg, let your “Reliance” be on Reliance.



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