This is How Smriti Irani Tried to RemoveMughalsFromBooks. Trend Breaks The Internet.

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God know why and who has started RemoveMughalsFromBooks trend on twitter. But it is surely have broken the internet today. It would be ridiculous to #RemoveMughalsFromBooks because they have been part of our history and heritage. Surely, people would never come to know about the cruelty they did on India and moreover, the people who fought with them to save Hindus will also be forgotten if we allow to remove mughals from books.


Any which ways, here is how twitteratti reacted to the whole issue. But first let’s take a look at how our so called “highly educated” (12th pass) HRD minister Smriti IRani tried to remove mughals from books.

Now, how twitter reacted to the whole trend of #RemoveMughalsFromBooks.


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