Our Response to the Shit That Deepika Padukone Spoke in MyChoice Video [Open Letter]

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Hi Deepika,

How are you doing now? We all are with you in your battle to come out of depression. We are so proud of you that you came out and spoke about it. That gave us strength to open up about our depression too. May be you were in depression at the time you had a outburst on the TOI reporter for using your cleavage to sell his news.

We never knew about your depression but we stood by you. Ohh No! We have never met before nor did you speak to me over the phone, no – no, not even a Hi- Hello! But that’s how we feel for you. You have a huge influence on our lives. The documentary on Reshma Valliappan was made long before you came out with your depression.


However we never understood it when an unknown face told us about it. We are like that you know? We need none other than Amitabh Bachchan to tell us how important polio drops is for our little ones. We don’t give a damn even if a pediatrician will die screaming the same lines that Mr. Bachchan does.

And so my dear influential celebrity Deepika, it really matters what you convey to us and as it matters, you should and must have the responsibility to deliver the right message. I understand those were not yours but the script writer Kersi Khambatta’s lines. And as you said in your previous open letter to TOI that…

“I am not naive about my own profession; it is one that requires lots of demanding things of me. A character may demand that I be clothed from head to toe or be completely naked, and it will be my choice as an actor whether or not I take either. Understand that this is a ROLE and not REAL, and it is my job to portray whatever character I choose to play convincingly.”

So may be when someone blames you for what you did or said through this video was reel not real. But wait was the message reel too? And what about the roast? Remember the famous AIB roast, was that real? Or was it reel too?? And if it was real then how are you comfortable with Karan talking about ‘Ranveer being into you’ and sooo uncomfortable with TOI talking about your cleavage? Whoa… you make me confuse real time! Anyways coming back to the Vogue video..

The YouTube description of this video says…

What can you expect? Imagine shot after shot of women including Nimrat Kaur, Adhuna Akhtar, Anupama Chopra, Scherezade Shroff and more who have made a difference in their respective careers telling you every single thing they see as their right as women.”

Exactly !!! The video shows the women who are already empowered and they are talking about the rights they want now after getting every other right and that may be is –

“My body. My mind. My choice. To be a size zero or a size fifty.”

These, already empowered women who have the right to eat might not even know about a woman who is a size zero not by choice and just wants a choice to eat whenever she is hungry.

And then they say, ofcourse in your voice Deepika…

“My choice
To marry, or not to marry”.

Do you even have a hint about 80% of the girls who just want to marry but only with the person of their choice and they need some empowerment too?

“To have sex before marriage, to have sex out of marriage, or to not have sex.
My choice,
To love temporarily, or to lust forever.
My choice,
To love a man, or a woman, or both.
Remember; you are my choice, I’m not your privilege”

Wow!!! With due respect to all the respected, already empowered 99 ladies in this video, in your part of society men and women both have these choices. In the major part of the society just imagine if women would have these choices and if being a human being and asking for equality, even men take these things as choices then the courts would be free of cheating and rape cases. If you are talking about equality then please don’t file an FIR when your boyfriend has sex with you on the promise of marriage. Or don’t take it as an offence if your husband has sex out of marriage. Choices should be same after all.

The YouTube description further says…

Why 99 women? “I liked the idea of telling people I originally had 100 women planned but God said the last one was too busy right now,” says Adajania.

Ohhh Yes! Mr. Adajania you really forgot that one women who is actually fighting hard for her empowerment in this country all alone.

“In my family, my father is the only male in the house, but all of us have a voice,”says Padukone. “I’ve always been allowed to be who I want to be. When you’re not caged, when you don’t succumb to expectation, that’s when you’re empowered.” – an excerpt from the description on Youtube

Yes Deepika you are already empowered and so please as you tweeted for TOI, same applies to you..

“ Don’t talk about Woman’s Empowerment when you don’t know how to RESPECT Women”

-Deepika on twitter

And to all those that this video is a creative piece of satire that just tells about the rights that men are enjoying right now and these 99 women here are just asking them to imagine what if even they have these choices then here is the acknowledgement by the Vogue video in the description on YouTube again…

“The aim of the Vogue Empower initiative, launched with the seventh anniversary issue, is to encourage people to think, talk and act in ways big or small on issues pertaining to women’s empowerment. The message is simple: It starts with you.”

So, dear influential celebrity Deepika, we are with the real you. But this reel you really sucks! Please have some sense of responsibility, please have better choices, only then people will value you as a person or else don’t complain as you did in your open letter to TOI that at least people should respect the real person.


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