This Guy Has Said What All Of Us Would Have Liked to Say But Could Not After Jasleen Kaur – Sarvjeet Singh Case.

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So, the truth is out and all of us know that whatever Jasleen did was only to get some publicity. Shameless girl didn’t even think twice before making such serious allegations the poor guy. Our hypocrite, TRP hungry media got lots of “masala” in this and they played the clipping of the girl back to back endlessly until she became a national hero and got some reward also.

I know what most of respectable people including me may be thinking deep within our hearts and wanted to yell out at that girl for making the poor chap look like a pervert. Who is the pervert in this case is something every one knows now. Even, Sonakshi Sinha has felt bad and made an apology to Sarvjeet for all what Jasleen did.

Here is strong befitting reply by another guy to that girl Jasleen Kaur over what she has done. Watch the below video to hear what the guy has to say on this. He has raised some of excellent points and has sarcastically pointed out the shortcomings of our system which makes the girls always look like a victim and the guy an accused or pervert.

SHAME ON YOU JASLEEN. You Must watch this video and render unconditional apology to the Sarvjeet Singh and his family for damaging his image and harassing them.


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