Indian Beggars Who Earn More than a Talented Engineer

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Being the top rated country in holding the world’s talented positions and generating the highest revenue among the nations , we still find various sources to generate our own revenue .
While India stands among the top nations in driving various ideas to finds it place to reach the highest valued positions paying growing taxes and varying on a scale of endless stock accelerating there is another side of our responsible citizens drive the nation into another extreme stream of taxless revenue.

Ranking the seventh largest in the nominal GDP of the world economy , It also ranks among the five poorest countries in the world. Well we Indians would find our margins even at the poorest situations !


Bharath Jain holds the fame of being the richest beggar in India. being 49 years old , he owns two flats in Mumbai suburban area and each cost up to 70 Lakhs.

Also he rents a juice shop earning ten thousand monthly from the shop. Even the most talented engineer of the nation wouldn’t earn up to 1.3 Lakhs monthly as this guy . His total asset value would sum up to 2 million !!

.Bharath Jain holds the fame of being the richest beggar in India

Where are we with our monthly income ? we still suffer in the month ends striving our ways in centralized air conditioned offices . We toil day and night , work overtime in night shifts put all the leisure time just a earn a few more of Gandhiji’s faces and still stand with empty pockets paying half the revenue to our taxes. While our smart fellow citizens have found their way of avoiding all the work fun and being the smartest beggars of the nation .

Holding the fame of being the second richest beggar of the nation is Sambaaji Kale, owning a flat in Viraar and two houses in Solapur.

He also owns a land in Solapur. Going a ahead of the other rich beggars he also holds his investments in stocks with a lump sum bank balance !

Mr.krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar is the person who holds the third position .

Owning a flat in nallasopar , he earns around 70,000 per month with a bank balance of 20 Lakhs . His businesses runs all over Mumbai
While we Indians believe in helping our fellow people to earn a living , dropping a few “coins” in railway stations and bus stops, there’s an enormous change that is brought in those lives who beg . We encourage them and they act smart !


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