Rita Bahuguna Joshi Left Congress and Joined BJP in “Josh” or “Hosh”?

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Rita Bahuguna Joshi (former Congress minister) followed her family tradition. She abandoned Congress and joined BJP but we all know it wasn’t done for personal gains. This is signature of our politicians, they start realizing things just before elections. This realization often comes handy when they fear that the chances of win for their party are bleak.

Rita Bahuguna Joshi realised suddenly that Rahul Gandhi is a traitor and Congress is not working in public interest.

Many believe the first part of it to be true. Rahul Gandhi is requesting her mother Sonia Gandhi to let him join BJP and that’s why even his own party members see him as traitors.


Earlier, Rita’s father had quit the party. However, he lost elections afterwards but we can give him that because he lost to none other than Amitabh Bachchan. For those, who don’t know who is Amitabh Bachchan, he is the father of internationally acclaimed and Oscar award winner actor Abhishek Bachchan. Even Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt watch Abhishek Bachchan movies to learn skills of acting skills.

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Coming back to the topic, Rita’s brother Vijay Bahuguna (former CM of Uttarakhand) left Congress and joined BJP earlier. Now, other members of Rita’s family are also trying to get into BJP. BJP will soon have a ‘Joshi Card‘ system. The card will facilitate Joshi family members join BJP.

Enemy’s enemy is friend but sometimes enemy’s opportunist friend is also friend and that is what has happened. It must also be noted that Rita Bahuguna Joshi is also a history professor in Allahabad University. Now, we all know history teaches us to learn lessons from our past. Rita did exactly the same and followed the past of her family.

Earlier, Congress saw exodus of ministers in Arunachal Pradesh. Uttarakhand also saw clouds of trouble during Congress rule recently. Now, one thing is for sure PM Modi is working hard to deliver at least one of his promise and that is Congress Mukt Bharat.

But, it is too early to say that Congress is getting out from the political frame. The ever talkie politician Navjot Singh Siddhu has left BJP and it is being speculated that he will join Congress. Needless, to say he is also not concerned about his personal interest. He left BJP for us, for the comman man. Surprisingly, he never does what common man want actually want from him. Shut up Siddhu is the call of the nation and why does he irritates us like this with his senseless shayari (better known as shitty shayari)? The nation wants to know!!!

For now, we can only say that only time will tell whether Joshi has taken this decision in josh or in hosh.


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