Twitter Trolls Salman Khan’s Delayed Conviction in Hit-n-Run Case

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Salman Khan finally got convicted in the much infamous hit and run case. He tried his best to escape and even tried to make his driver Ashok as the scapegoat in this case. But, to his bad luck, everything failed and court sentenced Sallu Bhai to five years imprisonment in hit and run case.

Now, it is how, Being Human’s Summer 2015 Collection will look like.

Bollywood celebs showed their support towards the actor. On the other hand, people have shared mixed reactions towards this court judgement. Social media is abuzz with all the jokes and trolls on Salman Khan and his hit and run case.


People can hardly do anything in this except to give s strong message to Salman Khan via their funny and satirical messages on social media.

We found KRK coming in full support to Salman Khan and even lashing out at the Govt. for this judgement against Salman Khan.


Salman Khan’s Conviction in Hit and Run Case  – Twitter Trolls Bhai


What’s Salman Khan’s favorite drink? SCREW DRIVER!!

Salman Khan fans have been completely fooled. It was not Salman Khan, but actually his driver, who had been acting in all those hit movies.

Salman Khan’s Driver- Even I didn’t had alcohol, I was tweeting and driving car for Bhai.

Dialogue #SalmanKhan’s dad Salim never got to pen: ‘Mere paas driver hai‘.

Salman khans driver confesses to the 2G scam & causing the Godhra riot. Case closed. Yay. #SalmanKhan.

Salman Khan’s driver got driving licence from IIN.

Next time must find a Boyfriend who is as loyal as Salman Khan’s Driver .

” Salman Khan was driving the car and the driver was seated back “- SRK Fans Me – He is not SRK that he will keep Guys at his back.

Court ~ Why was Veer a Flop ? Salman Khan ~ I was not acting… It was my Driver Acting !!

I think the nicest thing Salman Khan is doing for his ‘Being Human’ charity is hiring a driver and not driving his own vehicles.

Salman Khan & Windows XP are similar. thousands of fans & driver problems.

Salman & Sanju in. Get a director, producer & some technical guys in jail and they can shoot Saajan or Chal Mere Bhai sequel.

And finally,


Source: twitter.


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