Save The Bhai – A Spoof of AIB on Salman Khan Verdict. Must Watch to See How They Have Failed to Make an Impact.

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Salman Khan’s hit and run case has given an idea to many for creating endless parodies and spoofs on it. The most recent one is from Screen Patti who are All India Backchod (AIB) look-alike but call themselves as All India Bhai-Hoes. They, in fact impersonate AIB to create this spoof. They call themselves as Salman Khan’s aka Bhai’s biggest supporters and fans.


They have titled the video as ‘Save The Bhai‘. Personally speaking, we didn’t like the video at all. Do watch and let us know if you did.

The only thing interesting about the video is how the team tried to copy looks and mannerism of AIB team.


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