State Bank of India Officer Applies for a Loan to Celebrate Valentine’s Day. A Cheap Publicity Stunt.

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Digvijay Singh, 25 years old employee of State Bank of India and working at SBI in Gujarat has applied for an advance festival loan to celebrate Valentine’s day. Well, this is what quite evident from his loan application (see image). The bank has rejected his loan application calling it an “Invalid Festival”.


As per media reports, his loan application was later approved after he changed the name of festival to “Basant Panchmi”.

When contacted by HT to know the details, this is what he said;

“It was a mistake… But, it is not a matter worth discussing in the media. I have already explained the matter to my higher authorities and I am not authorised to speak to the media. You may contact my superiors on this matter. However, I wish to put it straight that I did not do it for cheap publicity.”

However, it clearly looks like a case to get a cheap publicity. Otherwise, there is no reason that a person of officer rank would do such a silly mistake. Moreover, how the whole incident has been able to get media attention. It is only possible that he intentionally did this and later shared the photo of his rejected application with the media.

Digvijay Singh had joined SBI Chuda, Junagarh branch in Gujarat as a Probationary Officer in 2014.

A senior official of SBI in the Junagadh division, under which the branch falls, told HT: “I am not aware of this particular case. But as per our policy, we offer loans only for festivals, and not for days like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.”


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