ShahRukh Khan’s (SRK) Bungalow Home (Mannat)–Latest Photos & Views

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Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan aka SRK’s Bungalow home – Mannat in Mumbai is one of the best celebrity houses world over. The house is so huge that people often refer to it as a palace. It anyways was originally a heritage building which Shah Rukh Khan bought and converted into a huge palace kind of home.

Shah Rukh Khan’s House Price (Mannat) and His Networth

Shah Rukh Khan’s house Mannat is priced at around Rs. 2000 Crores. Undoubtedly, SRK is one of richest celebrities of India and his total networth stands close whopping Rs. 50 Billion.

House Mannat is a 6 floor bungalow out of which 2 floors are dedicated for shorting commercials.As per SRK, this is only to ensure that he gets to spend good quality time at home with the family. Lets take a closer look at interior of SRK’s house Mannat.

ShahRukh Khan’s House Mannat in Mumbai – Latest Photos and Inside and Outer Views

Shah Rukh Khan had to undergo a legal trouble as well over constructing his house Mannat. This was due to filing of a PIL by one of the resident against the building. However, subsequently, SRK was able to get a clean chit.

The six-floored Shahrukh Khan house Mannat is situated in the Bandra region in Mumbai. Out of 6 floors, 2 are being used to shoot the TV and other commercials featuring SRK. Ads like Dish TV and Airtel have been shot inside his house.

There is a huge dedicated all equipment fitted gym in the hind side of the house, which is another wing all together which is used by SRK to get a six-packs.

Shah Rukh Khan House Mannat in Mumbai  (Outer Road View)

Here is how SRK’s house Mannat looks from outside. This is an outside road view of Mannat.

shahrukh khan house mannat in mumbai pics

SRK’s Mannat – Main Door


Shahrukh Khan’s House Mannat – Outer Garden View Photos


Shahrukh Khan (SRK) Palace Mannat – Inside View and Interiors

Take a look at Shah Rukh Khan’s house Mannat’s inside view. As you can see, the interiors are as impressive as the outside view.



SRK’s Bungalow Mannat – Inside View Entertainment Area


SRK’s House Mannat – Kitchen Photos


Shah Rukh Khan Mumbai Home Mannat – Inside Bathroom Photos


SRK’s Mannat – Bedroom View


Office Inside SRK’s Mannat



SRK’s Mannat – Outside Swimming Pool View Pictures


SRK’s Personal Gym and Boxing Ring Inside Mannat [Pics]


Hopefully, you liked the above pictures and most of the views of Shahrukh Khan house Mannat in Mumbai.

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