Shah Rukh Khan’s Third Child Named AbRam’s Leaked Photos?

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Shah Rukh Khan who has named his third son as AbRam has been brought to his home Mannat, confirmed SRK. For the first time ever, SRK has broken his silence over the controversy of sex determination test for the baby who has born through surrogacy. He has denied any sex determination test having done before the birth and also mentioned that baby has born prematurely and the family has been dealing with some health issues of the child.


Shah Rukh Khan and his family has also kept the whole matter confidential and has not yet released any photos of the baby AbRam. The actor said he wanted to enjoy the private moment with his family.

“Our son is a surrogate baby and the entire process is bound by strict confidentiality. We would appeal to all, to allow us to cherish this private moment as a family. It seems unfortunate that I have to explain/clarify so many aspects for our new-born baby. Wish it were just a simple message of happiness on behalf of the family,” Shah Rukh said.

So, all the speculations and rumours regarding SRK’s third son AbRam’s pictured being leaked online are not true. So, all the SRK fans will have to wait to get a glimpse of the baby until family decides to officially release the pics of the baby.

By the way, the baby name AbRam’s meaning as per wikipedia is;

“Abram is a masculine given name of Hebrew origin, meaning exalted father. In the Bible it was the original name of the person later known as Abraham, the patriarch.”


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