ShamedInSydney or ShameOnTimesNow? Nation Wants to Know, Mr. Arnab.

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All Indian cricket fans were heart broken when India lost to Australia in the Semi Finals in WCC2015. However, they all still were quite a sport and Thanked Dhoni and Indian cricket team for having come so far. But there was some one who didn’t think twice and termed the whole event as #ShamedInSydney and it was none other, India’s big news channel Times Now.


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Is It ShamedInSydney or ShameOnTimesNow? – Most Funny Tweets

Times Now started trending #ShameInSydney when India lost to Australia and didn’t stop here. Times Now started flashing stupid headlines which were quite insulting to the Indian cricket team and its captain M S Dhoni. However, it didn’t last long and it ultimately backfired Times Now when most of twitter users started bashing them and their editor in chief Arnab Goswami for such a shameless act and started tweeting with #ShameOnTimesNow hashtag instead.

Here are some of the #ShameOnTimesNow tweets which gave a strong reply to Times Now’s #ShameInSydney.

Meanwhile, Sania Mirza has tweeted bashing people who started making fun of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s relationship and linking it somehow with Team India’s defeat. She tweeted;

Blaming and joking bout Anushka??cz a woman can ONLY be a distraction and not a strength? Wht bout d other times we won or Virat made a 100?.


And here are few more funny tweets bashing Times Now and Arnab Goswami giving them a befitting reply.

Arnab is to journalism what KRK is to acting!

Times Now has called Arbaaz Khan to discuss cricket. I’m surprised that they haven’t invited Mayawati and Kumar Vishwas #ShameOnTimesNow.

Times Now is to journalism, what Modi is to politics and KRK is to acting – total disgrace.

Times Now so shameless that tomorrow’s debate will be about #ShameOnTimesNow. “The nation wants to know why we are so shameless”

Times Now ridicules Dhoni for losing the SF, Now I m gonna exercise my freedom of 66A. #ShameOnTimesNow.

I guess @TimesNow recruits all its journalists from IIN #ShameOnTimesNow.

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