Sena MP Gaikwad Gets Many Commercial Offers From Major “Chappal” Brands After His Latest Brawl.

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Cashing in on latest controversies and trends are prominent marketing mantras for the major companies to sell their products. And that is why even Goons like Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad is getting commercial offers from major “chappal” brands.

Speaking from Mumbai, CEO of one “chappal” brand major was looking forward to partner with this Goon MP for their brand commercial. He said, “As the MP is known for his rough attitude and rude behavior, next time when he takes out his “chappal” to trash someone in public, our brand logo, and name would be on that “chappal”, hence creating ample opportunity for publicity”. While the deal surely sounds promising for the company’s marketing strategy, it fails to keep a check on the ethical behavior of the Goon MP himself. 

For now, the Goon MP has been avoiding media but our sources have confirmed that he might be interested in accepting few commercial offers from some of the major “chappal” brands. He is undoubtedly the tested and best ambassador for rough usage of “chappal”, much like several people of India who would use their footwear till its last breath. While buying any new footwear, people look for the proof of its strength & durability. If MP Gaikwad is advertising for a particular brand, the people would blindly go for that brand since they are assured that he would have used it roughly on someone and it would still last, as claimed by one of the famous marketing gurus in India.


The first time MP Ravindra Gaikwad claims himself to be a teacher and demands to be addressed as a professor. It is clear from the latest “chappal” beating incident which the MP caused in an Air India flight a few days back that a frustrated teacher could also use “chappal” instead of clichéd wooden stick to punish his students.


Meanwhile in the Lok Sabha session today, the other MPs were worried about the amount of publicity gained by the Goon MP for past few days. The MPs are in solidarity with the Ravindra Gaikwad but are forced to wonder why causing inconvenience to the public has suddenly gathered huge media attention. They reckon that it has been done for ages and that is how an MP is expected to behave. But the first time MP who is receiving commercial offers from major brands is hurting his counterparts as this would create an additional source of mammoth legal income.


In a secret meeting organized by MPs with a criminal background, a unanimous resolution has been passed dictating every member MP to act rude and rough in public in order to gather the attention of marketing teams of major brands for their commercials. This would guarantee them extra money in the time when demonetization and Modi are behind black money generation.


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