20 Shocking Facts About Mahatma Gandhi That Show He was Neither a Mahatma Nor Father of the Nation.

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Mahatma is the word given to a revered person and who s of greatest soul. No doubt Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was titled Mahatma and Father of the nation much before constitution of free India and because of his greatness and accomplishment towards the Nation as a whole.

But there are 20 shocking facts of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and character that show he can never be called as  Mahatma or Father of the Nation:


1. Mr.Gandhi was a complex figure whose opinions varied wildly throughout his life .His support towards Britain during the First World War as he was part of the army proved as an admirer to the British Empire. He joined a government campaign for Indians to volunteer for the British Army but only came to advocate full independence after the Amritsar Massacre of 1919.
2. Mr. Gandhi was not born as a courageous and an outspoken leader. In fact he himself quoted by letting know the people through his autobiography as a shy and a failure towards studies although completed matriculation with difficulty. He was least keen neither in studies nor in sports nor in any academic activities.
3. Mohandas Gandhi was married at the age of 13 years , he used to beat up his wife routinely and did not have sex for decades.
4. His censorious attitude towards sex came in 30’s and later as he himself introduced as for ,by and of the people; he slept and bathed with young girls including his niece just to prove his control of manliness to the nation….!
By the book of famous historian Jad Adams, he made the freedom fighter look in people s mind with shameful sight of an infidelity and humongous outrage.
5. Mr. Gandhi was having sex when his father lay breathing his last upstairs. He was an adulterer and had a spiritual marriage with two British women who were in the Ashram.

6. Mr. Gandhi used to do edema twice a day and if he liked a woman would let her enter his piece of rectum as quoted in the book “Naked Ambition”…!
7. Mr. Gandhi disowned his eldest son as he disapproved of his wife who eventually made his son convert into Islam and this proves he was a fragile and troubled father as one of his regrets in life.
8. Mr. Gandhi during his childhood had tried hands in every possibility of bad habit like stealing, smoking and meat eating in his era which was not meant to be apt on a societal base.
9. It was no secret that Mohandas Gandhi had an unusual sex life. He spoke constantly of sex and gave detailed, often provocative, instructions to his followers as to how to they might best observe chastity. And his views were not always popular; but “abnormal and unnatural” as said by then PM too…!.

10. Mr. Gandhi condoned the Zulu massacres, defended the killing of the innocent and defended the British in all their actions. This proves that he was still attached to British people and without them no nation would have lived with gratitude and pride.
11. He was determined to live his life as an ascetic, a symbol of a religious man with just a loin cloth draped over him. As the poet Sarojini Naidu, who was known as the “Nightingale of India” once joked, “it costs the nation a fortune (millions) to keep Gandhi living in poverty.” An entire village including an Ashram was built for him. His philosophy privileged the village way over that of the city, yet he was always financially dependent on the support of industrial billionaires like Birla. Birlas were the ones who controlled his every move and were responsible for marketing Gandhi .
12. Gandhi’s opposition to modern technology, including modern medicine, took odds turns. He didn’t want his wife to take life-saving penicillin, because it would be administered with a hypodermic needle. He did, however, allow himself to be treated with quinine and even to be operated on for appendicitis.

13. AlthoughMr. Gandhi became famous for his pacifism, his beliefs here evolved considerably over the years. In fact, until the British massacred hundreds of peaceful Indians at Amritsar, Gandhi was such a faithful British subject that he served in the imperial army. Gandhi also volunteered to serve in World War I, one of the few Indian activists to support England unconditionally. A bad case of pleurisy prevented him from serving, and in fact forced him to leave England and return to India.
14. There wasn’t a war that the prophet of non-violence didn’t support. He supported all wars as he was sergeant major in the British army and to his credit congress looked upon to his decisions!
15. Mr. Gandhi corresponded to lot many people including Tolstoy,Einstein and Hitler among the lists. He used to write letters to his friend Hitler and supported him in every way possible. He extended his support to an extent which ultimately quoted him saying to commit mass suicides of Jews through Nazi Government.
16. People of India wanted General Dyre to be tried for massacre for the innocent lives at Jalianwala Baug where in Mr. Gandhi refused to support it.
17. Whole of India wanted Gandhiji to intervene to save the lives of Bhagat Singh,Rajguru and Sukhdev from the gallows which was again stubbornly refused as an act of violence by him.
18. On several occasions Gandhiji called Shivaji, MahaRana Pratap and Guru Gobind singh as misguided nationalists and to some people in parts of India saw the Gandhi picture fading out of nation gradually.
19. Mr. Gandhi was favoring Muslims at the expense of Hindus ; pleasing Muslims in a way to popularize Hindustani language by a mix of Hindi and Urdu which marked the beginning of Gandhi phase out!
20. The word Mahatma was titled to Gandhi by Rabindranath Tagore as Mr. Gandhi used to call him fondly as Gurudev so as to give respect in prompt reply came Mahatma…
By going through all these above facts one can only be in a bewildered state whether A Mahatma title was only meant for Mohandas Gandhi who hailed from Gujarat with no ambition of getting into Political Frame and a weird behavior proven to disregard him as a Father of the Nation!?

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