Shocking! Watch This Gaali-Laden Movie Mohalla Assi’s Leaked Trailer Before it Gets Banned.

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Mohalla Assi is a movie based on popular Hindi novel “Kashi Ka Assi” by Dr. Kashinath Singh. The film is due to be released in late 2015. But after the movie’s trailer got leaked, its already making to the headlines. The movie’s trailer itself has so many “gaaliyan” (abuses) that one can make out what to expect from the full movie.


The movie Mohalla Assi is expected to be the most outrageous Bollywood satire ever.

The story of the movie runs in the backdrop of a life of Varanasi city and has Sunny Deol, Sakshi Tanwar and Ravi Kishan as the main characters.


Sunny Deol plays the role of pious Brahmin and Sanskrit teacher who is frustrated with the fact that city is fast turning into a drug heaven.


Watch the shocking gaali-laden trailer of Mohalla Assi before it gets banned.

For sure, movie is headed for a full on controversy and protests as more and more people come to know about the content. Who knows it might get banned before it gets released as it has been delayed already because of the same reasons.


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