Shocking Rape Statistics: India is Not That Bad as Media Portrays? [Video]

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India is a rape capital of the world.

Delhi is a rape capital of India.

Am sure, you must heard about the above phrases (jhumlas) many times. As a matter of fact, when ever any new rape incident gets reported in any part of India specially metros  like Delhi, media and even the whole social media is abuzz with such jhumla’s attack – like, delhi belongs to rapists bla bla.. and what not.


And, No, its not the voices from outside India that talks about all that. But, its mostly our own media and Indians themselves who take pride in making such statements about out country.

Rape is indeed bad and voice has to raised against it and the culprits.

But, please look at the facts first before start feeling bad about everything in India. As far as rape statistics are concerned, reality is quite shocking and opposite to what mostly believe.

Teen Pathhar has come up with an excellent video titled, “Rapes are over-hyped in India” which talks just about that. Check out the video below.

Rapes Are Over-Hyped in India?

If statistics are to be believed, then things are not that bad as they are made to be seen by general public. Number of Rapes reported (per 100000 women) is higher in US, UK than in India.

For reported rape case, India is ranked at 85th position (out of 121). See the media report.

Within India also, unlike to what most people think, Delhi is not a rape capital. See here.

The main reasons behind all such false stats are the panicky statements made by media and even general people on web. To sensationalize the rape case, what many news channels does is they come up with punch lines and keep repeating them during their programs and even provoke the person whom they are interviewing to repeat the same. It is where and how it all starts and it ultimately ends up by being only the topic of discussion around those over-hyped rape stats.

Shocking: Rape by Stranger is only 2%.

Any discussions around a rape case mostly talk in the context of a rape by a stranger like a cab or auto driver. Hence, it leads to unnecessary discussion around what should a girl wear before going out in the late evening or night.

The point which often gets overlooked and goes down in the dark is – rape by known people, rape by relatives and rape within families. It is because the %age of such rapes is quite higher than the rape by a stranger which is mostly the talk of the town and gets media’s full attention.

So, for example, it is these above type of rapes that seem more dreadful than a rape by stranger because even going by stats, these outnumber the rape by stranger. And, since these are happening with closed doors, no discussion on clothes worn by girl and/or late night commuting/party etc, happens.

So, does it make sense to create panic because of something which is as small as 2% of the whole lot.

Rape Statistics at a glance –

25% consensual sex (sex happened by mutual consent, later girl files a rape case)

40% eloped couples and (Mostly, couple run away with intentions of getting married, have sex. Later a rape case by girl because of the possible differences in the understanding between the two.

33% rapes by relatives. (Very rare get reported even).

2% Rape by a stranger (cab/auto driver etc.) – This 2% is the one that makes most of the noise and create possible panic for other girls who by now starts hesitating to wear western or move out during late evenings.

Now, you decide!!


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