A Sikh Guy Replies to Aamir Khan on Intolerance and He Has a Point.

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This Sikh guys from Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena has given a strong message to Aamir Khan on his “rising intolerance” remark. He spoke about all the points in this video that shows India is truly a tolerant country and slammed Aamir Khan’s comment. He has asked Aamir Khan to prove why he felt so insecured just all of a sudden and what has happened that made him give such a statement.

He also pointed out that if it is just for publicity so as to help him with his upcoming movie Dangal, then it is really a very bad way to get the audience to make them watch your movie.

Watch the full video below to hear what all he said in reply to Aamir Khan’s “rising intolerance” level in the country.


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