Singer Mika Singh Slaps Doctor – Video Goes Viral

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The video of singer Mika Singh slapping a doctor in an event in Delhi has gone viral. The event was arranged by Doctors only. As per reports, doctors were dancing to the songs of Mika Singh. Mika asked all the male doctors to be on the left side and the women folk to be in the center. It is then, when one of the doctor started dancing in the center, Mika got angry and asked him to be on the left side only. However, he didn’t listen to Mika and kept dancing in the center.


Mika Singh who was quite furious then asked the bouncers to bring the doctor to the stage. When they brought him on stage, Mika slapped him tightly. The whole incident has been recorded by a doctor present there.

Post the incident, all the doctors who were earlier enjoying and dancing to Mika’s tunes, soon started protesting against him. They broke all the instruments and started shouting against Mika Singh. A police complaint has been filed against Mika Singh.


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