Stupid Christian Pastor Insults Sikhism and Hinduism in His Speech, Gets a Befitting Reply from a Singh.

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Christian Pastor Steven L Anderson has insulted Sikhism and Hinduism in one of his sermon by uttering stupid statements which were totally baseless and had no evidence. Like most of Christian preachers, his emphasism was totally on proving that Christianity is the only good religion and Jesus is the only God.


Poor fellow had to get down to the population figures (quantity) of each religion to prove that Christianity tops every one. Obviously, Christianity with most number of followers is the largest religion in the world. But, here quantity holds no meaning, its quality that matters. Everyone knows we have more number of dogs in this world than the Lions but it is the Lions who rule and not dogs. Hope, Steven L Anderson gets this message straight and stopped doing such stupid sermon to insult other religions.

It is not the first time that he has done so. He has been doing many sermons in which he is trying to see every religion in the light of Bible. But,with no proper research on other religions and hence no proper knowledge about other religions, he ends up praising Bible and Christianity only and insulting others.

However, this time he was not that lucky and there was someone to tell him and correct his knowledge about other religions specially Sikhism. A Singh from in the below video has done a wonderful job of giving a befitting reply to Stevan and explained quite in depth about what a Sikhism is all about. Singh talked and explained by taking proper evidences from Sri Guru Granth Sahib to prove his point.

Pastor Anderson whose sermon was filled with only mockery, lies and hatred towards Sikhism, Hinduism and other religions can be viewed and heard in the below video.

Singh’s response to Stevan Anderson can be viewed in the below video.

Please take some efforts to not only watch and listen to it yourself but also help spread the word by sharing it with others so that truth can be known to everyone.


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