Oh! Not Yale, but She is from IIN. Smriti Irani Trolled Over Fake Degree Controversy.

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Union HRD minister Smriti Irani has always been in news over her fake qualification degree controversy. Earlier, she had made claims about being a passed out from Delhi University. Subsequently, she also claimed of having studied and getting a degree from Yale University in USA.

Changing statements on her educational qualifications has only made her a butt of joke and social media stormed over many jokes, funny memes and trolls on the issue.

People on social media have been mocking her by saying that Smriti is actually an IIN pass out. Check out the below memes to decide for yourself if she is indeed an IIN alumni and if yes, then why so?

We bring herewith some of the best and most hilarious memes on the issue that will make everyone go LoL.


Hot Delhi weather Can Help Smriti Irani to get couple of degrees?


Hope, you still remember her as in Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee.



What Saif Ali Khan has to say on Smriti’s degree from Yale.



Baa Kasam !



This is what an IIT mean for Smriti Irani.



Smriti Irani from IIN?


Smriti’s views on Aryabhatt’s theory of Eclipse. Remember, she is from IIN.




Smriti Irani’s Degree from Yale University has been finally found.



So, guys, now when Smriti’s degree from Yale has been located, please stop mocking fun at her. 😉


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