SRK Hits Back Hard On Trump, Says ‘My Name Is Khan And I’m Not A Terrorist’

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Karan Johar’s movie is back in controversy. This time it has gone international. Who would have ever imagined a situation that one day a Muslim would have to roam the streets of USA in hope of meeting their President just to let the executive head know that all the Muslims were, not terrorists.

After the Grumpy Trump’s ruthless decision to stop the entry of immigrants from seven Muslim-dominated countries, the world media has gone gaga over this issue. This wave resonated through the walls of Bollywood industry after a similar showcase. SRK, who is back after his recent disaster, RAEES, become KAABIL enough to voice out his opinion and hit back hard on the Grumpy Trump.

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Joining SRK is none other Karan Johar himself. He has vowed to make a part-2 of his previous movie My Name is Khan. The plot of the new movie will revolve around the latest Grumpy decision of Trump. Back in India, MNS was quick enough to launch another protest against KJ for taking the cause of Muslims. They have promised to show no leniency this time.

Now that Maharastra CM has left his job of brokerage and busy in some active politics, the situation seems troublesome for KJ to handle. Already, both SRK and KJ have been strictly warned against their linkage with actors from Pakistan. The very issue of their planning of undertaking a similar project involving glorification of Muslim has angered the Hindu fanatics back home.


The national leaders of affected countries have passed a joint proclamation of monetary support to SRK and KJ. They lauded Bollywood’s effort to fight for the cause of Muslim and their freedom.

SRK is first scheduled to land at Mama Jenny’s home in Georgia. It is from here he would lead his protest march chanting the words ‘My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist’. He is expected to encounter romance on his way to meet the President and also gain new friends. He would also carry out outrageous activities on the streets and still be immune from the police arrest; simply because he is The Don and no police force in this world can arrest The Don.


While fans are excited to witness the much-promised action, the pessimists are worried on the entry of SRK into the USA. He has a long time reputation of being detained for hours and hours at the US airports.


While Indian ministers like Suresh Prabhu and Sushma Swaraj have advised SRK to use the platform of Twitter and tag @realDonalTrump to voice out his opinion directly to him, Modiji has advised SRK to stop his protest and instead do a ‘Chai pe Charcha’ with the Grumpy Trump.  


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