SRK Motivates Girls on How to File a Fake Case Against Guys. Sarcastic Take on Jasleen Kaur – Sarvjeet Singh Case is a Must Watch.

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What happened in the Delhi’s Jasleen Kaur – Sarvjeet Singh case is known to everyone now. We all know how initially Jasleen tried to blame Sarvjeet Singh of harassing and molesting her and she posted his pic on social media along with a message that become so viral that everyone started blaming Sarvjeet Singh. Then came a twist in the story when an eye witness came out and narrated everything what happened. As per him, Sarvjeet Singh didn’t harass Jasleen and it was Jasleen who was at fault by trying to implicate Sarvjeet Singh falsely.

One thing which has come out very clearly from this case is the fact, that cities like Delhi are not safe for men. This is in context of the girls /women who file a fake case against men to settle score or gain publicity.

A spoof of the whole incident of Delhi’s Jasleen-Sarvjeet has been made by Feel Pankh. The spoof which has used the a video clipping from the famous SRK movie Chak De India where he is seen giving instructions and tips to the hockey team. Here in the spoof, the visual is the same but with a different voice over/dialogues (much like a Dubsmash style). SRK is seen here telling and motivating girls on how they can click a pic of any guy on a road and make his life hell by posting it on social media.

This is a spoof of the very famous dialogue *Sattar Minute* from Chak De India. It is a sarcastic presentation on how boys are being treated in this so called women empowered society. Must watch and enjoy the video.


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