5 Startling Avatars of Punjabi Grandmothers You Face Whenever You Pay a Visit to Them.

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As kids we were fond of visiting our grandmothers on every vacation, not only the kids but people of every age groups love to visit their grandparents frequently and be in touch with them, and the reason behind these visits are the famous punjabi grandmother Avatars which are simple yet interesting and worth time-giving for. Why and how are they interesting? Let’s find out.

1. Punjabi welcome home Avatar

Avatars of Punjabi grandmothers

“Aao ji aao, aaj suraj kidro nikal aya? Jinde raho wadiyan umran hon” All the Punjabis face this situation the moment they put their little feet inside their grandmothers home. They face bombardments of questions coming one after another. The funniest part about them is that they don’t have any exact motive but they are just common ‘punjabi’ phrases which are being asked and followed since ages. Well yes it’s true.

2. “The milk, then lassi, then food then some more food than little more food and it goes on till infinity” Avatar

Avatars of Punjabi grandmothers1

Enter the premises and be ready for another well-planned task ‘the food after every 15 minutes task’. Yes, you heard me right. Punjabi grandmothers are so fond of feeding that sometimes they even forget about the intervals in which they are serving the food.

3. The queen of story-teller Avatar

Avatars of Punjabi grandmothers2

And, when it comes down to narrating stories nobody could ever think of getting even closer to the pace of Punjabi grannies. They remember the oldest of stories with exact fun punches and dialogues which will narrated to you atleast 1000 times in your lifetime.

4. The remarkably-cool Avatar

Avatars of Punjabi grandmothers3

Sometimes, punjabi grandmothers understand you more then any of the friend or family member, well as it says experience matters, it is 100% true in this case. They even have knowledge about the latest technologies and termenologies being used these days right from iphone 6 to instagram, u just pick a word.

5. Don’t go home even after 10 days Avatar

Avatars of Punjabi grandmothers4

The aw-so-sweet Punjabi grandmothers can’t get enough of you. Even our parents can’t tolerate us more then 10 days but, salute to the grannies, they never want you to leave her. They cook for you, take care of you, talk to you and have fun with you but never want anything but respect and frequent visits in return. Cheers to them.


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